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  1. [Update: Ford Denies and Maintains Deliveries Start in Spring] 🗓 Ford Webinar Reveals New 2022 F-150 Lightning Timeline: Jan. Order Bank, June Prod...

    Your analysis is good. The "next gen" Lightning is 2025+. You will have put many 10,000s of miles on your "gen one" Lightning by then. Likely Android Auto will align with the "next gen" truck. Everyone will likely dabble in non-Cobalt cathode cells. The energy density is much lower, but most...
  2. Despite Reports, Ford Says Its F-150 Lightning Is Not Delayed

    There was never "official correspondence" saying it was delayed. Just FUD.
  3. Rivian & Ford Cancel Plans to Develop EV Together

    Ford got what it wanted from Rivian: 1) a giant paycheck from their IPO, 2) a look at their skateboard for use in a shared Rivian/Ford vehicle platform. The two companies are still very friendly. Things only dissolved because Rivian's vehicle development process is painfully slow. I know...
  4. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Given the usual production ramp-up and OK to Buy timing, customers should begin getting vehicles in June. Your mileage may vary. The tool trial builds have already completed. Vehicles look great. Keep your fingers crossed.
  5. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Only one thing is certain... more Lightning will be produced than Rivian pickups.
  6. A theory about range and battery size...

    Your speculation is not that bad, actually... No way there will be battery changes at this point. You are just completing the official range tests, etc. at this point. Everything design-wise is locked in. The 450 mile range thing is great internet fantasy. Maybe at constant 25mph...
  7. Baby the motors? First time EV questions.

    The vehicle will do everything it can to not let you break it. The two easy things that you can help control are battery temperature, and battery charge. 1) The battery doesn't like to be excessively hot or cold. It has it's own HVAC system, but can always use help. 2) Don't let the vehicle...
  8. HELP! Home Charging - 50amp breaker with NEMA 14-50 receptacle the way to go?

    You can buy a 14-50 outlet that handles a high volume of plug/unplugs. A commercial grade outlet like one from Hubbell will work fine. These are not the $10 ones you find on Amazon... they would be closer to $50. Charging in the rain should not be an issue... think RVs plugged in at a...
  9. Jump Charging for Lightning -- vehicle to vehicle charging using jump cables

    I called the number, and got through to some nice lady named Jennie.
  10. School me (us) on smart chargers

    This looks like a nice device, but wouldn't it make more sense just to spend the money on the ER battery?
  11. October 26 is apparently NOT when 2022 F-150 Lightning ordering begins (order bank opens)

    Open the window. Now close it with the switch, and hold the switch for a few seconds (5) after it fully closes. Open it and do the same thing, hold the switch even after it goes all the way down. This should calibrate the auto close feature.
  12. Calling on the Battery and EV experts here, another SR vs ER question

    There is nothing to figure out, except how badly you want to nuke the battery. It's more of a matter of gambling on warranty battery replacements by crushing your battery to get a max power curve.
  13. Calling on the Battery and EV experts here, another SR vs ER question

    The vehicle has 20 times the horsepower needed to overcome aero at 70mph, LOL.
  14. Do I need to run new 400 amp service in my house for the Lightning + everything else?

    875m/70mph=12.5 hours 20-80% charge=40 minutes (.66hrs) 300*60%charge =180 miles. To get to 875m, need 4 charges Total time for EV trip = 12.5 + .66*4 = 15.14 hrs So about an hour and 10 minutes more in an EV. If weather is very cold, you might have to stop for an extra charge or two. Or...
  15. It Costs 30% Less to Make an EV?

    OK, powertrain components for BEV are double that of ICE. Assembly is 30% less, but assembly is maybe 15% of total cost, so .3x.15 or 4% of vehicle cost. Not really significant. What's significant is the UAW sees 30% less members. That's what this is really about...