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  1. Seemingly inexpensive NEMA 14/50 option may have just gotten pretty expensive afterall

    I hope so. I have a 60 amp circuit I plan to use on a 48amp EVSE. If the 100 amp Ford charger can be derated from 80 amps output to 48 amps I’ll save some money by not buying another charger.
  2. Current EV owners question re: stuck in traffic with low charge

    Call AAA Might be a business opportunity for people with Lincoln Welders in the bed of their trucks. Quick DC charge for the absent minded commuters.
  3. Uh, Oh... looks like the EV tax credits are hitting an obstacle

    Maybe purchase price is an obstacle. The cost of long distance travel in an EV vs ICE should be an obstacle. But for most people who make short trips and moderate commutes daily, the incentive is operating cost of an EV being half of ICE operating cost. This isn’t an investment that should be...
  4. Is there a Market for Lariat 20” wheels?

    I may be interested after I see what the wheel specs are if and when I get my truck. I use all season through most of the year. The winding hills and icy conditions of western PA require soft rubber snows and 4A common sense on pickups. But I’m guessing you’ll sell stock rims and tires as a set...
  5. [Kearny Mesa] Ford Lightning Update: Order Bank Date Pushed Back

    There is a Dennis Weaver on website @ Kearney Mesa Ford.
  6. Ordered 2022 Lightning - My Experience

    So you think it will be by invitation and not a free-for-all online?