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  1. Lock keys in truck and use key pad?

    Mine isn't like that. During hunting season I kept the fob stashed and used the keypad to lock/unlock. It started multiple times without ever touching the fob.
  2. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I ordered mine from AutoAnything for a couple bucks less than shopeddies lists it for
  3. Spotted my first Tremor

    $10k for tint, tank of gas and 1 oil change lol
  4. How to get 1000.00 Bonus Cash Offer on 2021 Custom Vehicle Order?

    I picked mine up on Friday and got the $1000 incentive with X Plan. I also got a $100 and a $400 one, but I'll have to look and see what they were for.
  5. Sync 4 Glass screen protector

    They should be available. I have a set waiting for my pickup to show up.
  6. X Plan Questions

    I joined the Mustang club on 4/11, generated an X Plan PIN on 4/17 and placed my order 4/27