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  1. 12/13 Build Week

    Stickers are produced 10 days prior to your build date.. if it sticks, correct?
  2. Order tracking system malfunction

    Did you have an order code in there as well? I put in my vin only cuz it’s all I have and I’ve always seen that little red message for me too
  3. Order tracking system malfunction

    I can’t even have the same excitement with tracking my vehicle because ford didn’t have my email correct. Dealer says it’s too late because trucks been processed already. So basically can’t do anything but wait for the window sticker to get produced to make sure They got everything right for my...
  4. Black Appearance Package for 2022 F-150 -- First Look

    I’m surprised they haven’t update fords website yet to be able to build a 22 f150. How long do they usually wait till? Every other vehicle is already showing 2022.
  5. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Means 27 degrees from being laid flat
  6. 11/29 Build Week

    When you guys keep refreshing. Do you mean on this link? blah blah?
  7. Chip shortage concerns

    You done messed up sir lol. Get ready to be flooded with DMs. Gonna be sliding in from all directions 😆
  8. Terrible MPG in my 2021 F150 Powerboost

    Now I’m thinking twice about the diamondback HD. Only a hundred pounds I think.
  9. 01/17/2022 Build Week

    @TN Rotty you got moved here too already? Thought you got in mid December
  10. 01/17/2022 Build Week

    Idk. You might’ve dodged a bullet there. Hear a lot of ppl complaining about subpar subs for the money paid. I’m just happy to have anything above standard speakers.
  11. 01/17/2022 Build Week

    Amen. Just for headlights. No
  12. 11/29 Build Week

    No point to dig for any info at this point. I’m just stuck waiting and my tonneau and antennae replacement will just have to wait in the garage..boxed lol
  13. Trucks sitting in Detroit

    I know times are different now, but did ford give any incentive for buying a previous year late in the year?
  14. 01/17/2022 Build Week

    Yup got the damn lightning truck too. Annoying to look at.
  15. 01/17/2022 Build Week

    Nice. We’re pretty close. 10/2 Lariat 501a sport Powerboost 4x4, carbonized gray, moonroof, interior work surface, 7.2kw, 360 cam, tow pkg. ..I like your style 👍
  16. 11/29 Build Week

    My guess? Delay in Supplies being the biggest reason. But I hope you see your 21 before the window closes for the year and the 22 to start. Would be nuts be be given a 21 after Jan 22.
  17. 11/29 Build Week

    I’m sure someone else will chime in on the Bedliner being a little wait too..
  18. 11/29 Build Week

    From what I’ve gathered! Idk why they don’t just do it on the assembly line
  19. 11/29 Build Week

    Spray in Bedliner option requires the truck to be sent somewhere else to get it done. Heard that it takes another 2-3 weeks.
  20. 11/29 Build Week

    Also He actually emailed me stating that my order had to be bumped into a 22 10/2. He just sent me the new summary review sheet. No signature needed, just to review and keep.