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  1. PowerUp 1.7.1 Update

    Only Apple Maps supports the directions on the dash. It's not very impressive either.
  2. PowerUp 1.7.1 Update

    It's normal. The updates are not sequential. They are just packages of updates for different systems.
  3. Truck color on instrument screen

    The vehicle graphics change color to match the drive modes.
  4. FordPass 3.35.0 update adds towing features

    Latest FordPass update has added support for Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch (on equipped vehicles) and a towing/payload calculator.
  5. F-150 Lightning order numbers don’t include fleet buyers, which means it’ll be sold out for a long time

    It's not clear if fleet demand for electrics will be as high as consumer demand.
  6. Sync 4 - Defaulting to settings on startup?

    Through experiments I've found that Sync defaults to the last page you were on when you turned the car off. If you use Android Auto or CarPlay and turn off the vehicle with that screen on the display the next time you turn the car on it can't default to AA/CP because it takes a few seconds to...
  7. Power-up 1.7.1 OTA Installed

    It won't say if you haven't received any updates like the poster above. Also updates can be out of order (I got 1.6 about 2 weeks before 1.4) and it will only show the last one.
  8. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet 💻

    Trail is a 4x2 driving mode for light offroad. It's the only offroad option on 4x2.
  9. No updates being received

    I got 1.7.1 while on vacation with my truck parked in the hotel lot. No wifi and it did it on a day that wasn't my scheduled day. According to insiders over on the MachE forum the 1.7.1 update was being done via the cellular modem and not WiFi for some reason. Those folks are also only slowly...
  10. Power-up 1.7.1 OTA Installed

    There doesn't seem to be a way to check which "PowerUp" version you have currently because PowerUp is a just a collection of updates to multiple systems. And each of those systems could have different version numbers. The only way to tell is when you do get an update it will say in the app and...
  11. PowerUp 1.7.1 Update
  12. Power-up 2.1

    I got the update today. It seems to have added a feature to FordPass that allows you to turn on the horn and lights (like the panic button on the fob).
  13. Completely dead

    You can get reimbursed if you get your own tow. Roadside Assistance is included during the first five years or 60,000 miles from your vehicle's Warranty Start Date and with most Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. If you need to arrange roadside services on your own, Ford Motor Company will...
  14. Two Different Owner's Manuals?

    How funny. I got it on my Lariat for the step but am now loving the power lift. .
  15. Two Different Owner's Manuals?

    The new one for Job2 vehicles include sections on features added for Job2 including CCD, Smart Hitch, and onboard scale.
  16. Ford Launches F-150 Lightning 3D Augmented Reality Experience

    What does Mark Levine have to do with this? You know he isn't in charge of the company, right? And he doesn't design or build cars himself? His name isn't even on this press release. And if you read the press release you would see Ford asked Google to develop this app for them. No resources...
  17. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    What is your goal? To get BlueCruise faster or to get a refund? If it is to get it faster you are better off just waiting with the rest of us. If you sue the case will take years and you'd still be fighting it long after everyone else got BC. Your lawyers would not allow you to download BC...
  18. Adding to12” center display?

    Press menu on the wheel. Use up/down to select Truck Info Select Offroad inside the Truck Info page There are multiple "stacks" of cards. You can have just your favorite cards with My View stack or use the menu button to movie between different stacks.