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  1. Rivian & Ford Cancel Plans to Develop EV Together

    Rivian will use CCS plugs. Ford will probably get access and add them to Ford pass, just like EA and EVGO chargers. With the EV charger subsidies in the infrastructure bill, the number of public CCS fast chargers from all networks will grow and private networks won’t have as much competitive...
  2. Six 2022 F-150 Lightnings spotted charging during testing, w/ first Oxford White look

    At 6:55 in the video it shows the range as 456.9 miles in the instrument cluster display. Unless that is the odometer.
  3. The Real Reason the Configurator is Delayed…

    I think the Ioniq 5 US pricing is getting pushed out for the same reason. They are already on sale in Europe. Hyundai first said they would announce US pricing in the summer, then the fall, and now they say winter.
  4. A concern for those counting on the $7500 tax credit. And potentially some good news.

    The $7,500 is available only one full quarter after the quarter when Ford reaches 200k US sales to people claiming the credit. So if Ford reaches 200k in August 2022, then the credit is reduced to $3,750 on Jan 1, 2023. Tesla held back deliveries in June 2018 so that they could exceed 200k in...
  5. How Was Your Canceling Experience and Why Did You Start It?

    If the bill with the $12.5k rebate passes and you combine that with the $2.5k Oregon state rebate, then the Pro SR costs $25k and the XLT ER $45k in Oregon.
  6. How Was Your Canceling Experience and Why Did You Start It?

    Since the battery packs are modular, I wonder if they can be upgraded later. Maybe the ER has 4 packs and the SR 3 packs. It would be great if we could add a pack later. If the rebate gets approved, the Pro is a great deal. Especially for the lucky people in Oregon who don’t pay sales tax and...
  7. Join the Ford Lightning Livestream EVent @ Today, Thursday 10/28 9pm EDT

    I wonder what the target audience is of this stream. Any reservation holder would know there is no engine in an EV. And people who don’t have a reservation won’t be able to buy one until 2024.
  8. Join the Ford Lightning Livestream EVent @ Today, Thursday 10/28 9pm EDT

    Again, nothing new in the livestream. All this info was already available in May. This is aimed at people who never heard about the Lightning before.
  9. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    They make a lot of assumptions in that article. In some cases the range may be reduced by 60%, but I doubt that the impact will be that much for a 1600 pound aerodynamic Scamp. 1) They say that EVs typically have a range 20% below EPA ratings at 75mph. That is true mostly for Teslas. InsideEVs...
  10. F-150 Lightning PRO | Interior Real-Life Photos

    As long as it is possible for someone who is 5’4” to see over the hood, then it works for me. In our minivan I usually leave the seat at the height that my wife sets it. I’ll just sit a bit higher. With the 360 camera it may also matter less to see the hood as you can use the camera to park.
  11. solar panel for range boost?

    They actually did something similar with Rivians in the show “the long way up”. They asked semi drivers to tow them when they were low on battery. The Rivian can charge through regen while being towed.
  12. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    I hope that RV makers and RV review sites start reporting drag coefficient and Wh per mile at 70mph. Until now GVWR was the key metric, but with EVs the Wh per mile will become more important. I am planning to rent a Scamp when I get my Lightning to see what the impact on range is. It is very...
  13. Is Ford Underestimating the Demand for the Pro Trim?

    The E Transit may be a good option some day if they create a version with 300 miles of range. I hope to buy an E Transit based campervan in 10 years. Using the EV battery instead of AGM batteries and propane generators should make it a lot easier to convert a Transit into a campervan. In the...
  14. Is Ford Underestimating the Demand for the Pro Trim?

    For someone just looking for a cheap commuter car, those would be fine. I have a Fiat 500e and that has worked great for commuting, grocery shopping, and city trips You can get a used small EV for under $10k. There is a big gap between small commuter cars and full size trucks in the EV market...
  15. Anyone holding off ordering & waiting for Silverado.

    More range and faster charging is great, but the next 10 to 20 years there will always be an upcoming EV with more range and faster charging. 24” inch wheels and a glass roof are reasons not to buy the Silverado. 24” wheels may look cool, but unless you are going to race on asphalt with tight...
  16. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    At to that that the 10% sales tax in California and the Lightning Pro is $5,750 cheaper in Oregon.
  17. How does Pro trim compares to XL trim on ICE?

    I think the tow technology package will add the 360 camera to the Pro.
  18. How does Pro trim compares to XL trim on ICE?

    It is interesting how for vinyl vs cloth there isn’t a clear better option. I prefer vinyl because if I spill my coffee on cloth seats, which I will likely do at some point, then I won’t be able to clean it. Some people prefer cloth because if it is hot you get cooked on vinyl. Where I live...
  19. New Chargers Can Fully Charge the Lightning in 15 Minutes?

    I think the Taycan currently has the record for highest charging speed and the Taycan can only charge at 270 kW for a short time. The Ioniq 5 and EV6 seem to have the record of most miles added per minute. They can charge at 225 kW, but they are more efficient at about 4 miles per kWh. It is...
  20. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    I also wonder how income and purchase price limits would apply retroactively. If you qualify according to the current rules, can you be retroactively disqualified? It would be great if it was a discount at point of sale, but if they plan to have income limits then they won’t be able to do that.