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  1. Alarm going off for no reason

    I took mine in around May to have them do this and they wouldn’t they said they needed to keep my truck overnight until the alarm triggers to pull codes off it. The problem was it was only doing it once a week or sometimes 2 weeks at the time and I was not leaving my truck there for an...
  2. Is your FordPass app crap, too?

    Short answer- yes long answer- yes, it’s pure trash
  3. Alarm goes off with truck turned off and trailer connected.

    Ford alarm system is these trucks are the worst quality shit ever. Trailer connected and walk away? Alarm goes off. randomly my motion detector sets my truck off at night as well. So frustrating. Believe it or not having a window shade on the windshield prevents my alarm from going off. If I...
  4. Rivian & Ford Cancel Plans to Develop EV Together

    I heard the Amazon vans were supposed to have 150 mile range and early testing is around 70 miles. Lol I am going to ask my friend that is following rivian closely if he has a source. Edit- found the link...
  5. FX4 vs non-FX4 ride quality

    Same experience here. I couldn’t tell any difference with city driving.
  6. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    Good to know because I stopped using eco mode and only ride in normal mode for awhile now lol
  7. Yowza

    You can miss me with that bs
  8. iOS 15 Issues

    ** UPDATE ** I tried the whole “hold the power button plus skip track for 10 sec” for the soft reset. This did not work. I then dug through the sync 4 settings and found a master reset option and did that. It completely wiped sync 4 and even removed my app access but once I got everything...
  9. iOS 15 Issues

    Still nothing working for me. We have 3 iPhones and all do the same thing. Not only do they not auto connect to CarPlay wirelessly I noticed even Bluetooth was not connecting for voice calls. What’s really strange is if I go to turn off my Bluetooth on my phone while I am in the truck my...
  10. Can plastic cover of digital dash be replaced?

    Mine also has a scratch on the left side of the display. So random. Lol
  11. iOS 15 Issues

    That was going to be my last resort. Hopefully this update will fix it. Thanks!
  12. iOS 15 Issues

    Good call! I didn’t realize another patch came out. I’ll try this !
  13. iOS 15 Issues

    Anyone else experiencing issues with the latest ios 15? since updating my phone no longer connects automatically to my truck via Bluetooth and CarPlay. The only way I can connect now is to hardwire. I have tried erasing the connection and re connecting and it works but next time I start my...
  14. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    February delivery- 8K miles several road trips. Besides the weird alarm going off issue that got patched with an OTA I assume since it fixed itself I am happy to say I am “problem” free!! My only complaints is a very small scratch I found on the tailgate and on passenger door window. Which I...
  15. Inconsistent Air Conditioning Performance

    My driver side vent closest to the door is non existent unless I have it on full blast then I can feel it.
  16. Cold Air cyceling with AC off

    Yeah it’s fully open. I really should take it in but I just hate going to the dealer so much.
  17. Mountain Bike Truck Bed Storage solutions?

    I was thinking about this as well. We use a Kuat rack for the mtn bikes and our gear ends up thrown in the back seat for now. Let me know what you decide!
  18. Cold Air cyceling with AC off

    I will have to test this out. my issue is the drive side vent closest to the door is weak af. It barely pushes cold air unless I crank it up to 7. Intact all the vent are weak and barely blow air unless at 7.
  19. Devastated. RIP Week Old F-150 Destroyed by Fire

    I wonder if someone will buy that..dang. Also I wonder how much lol
  20. Bought My Winter Tires

    Got my TPMS remote from Amazon for like $10 it updates TPMS sensors to the car. Takes 3 min.