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  1. Dealer said my reservation is #14 out of 667, but I'm a little doubtful . . .

    I suspect extended range will be more desirable due to concerns with range anxiety. Of course we will not know until the orders start coming in. Might be worth a poll of the community.
  2. RAPID RED F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    I agree and hope that a change is made for final production. I am not holding my breath.
  3. Can I change my dealer after reservation?

    You can, and I did it. The change in dealer will also result in a refund of your reservation fee - which is not supposed to affect your place in line.
  4. F-150 Crew Cab (Lightning): Will It Fit In Garage?

    Don’t forget to take the height of the truck into account. I believe it may be taller than some F150 trucks and therefore may not fit in some parking garages — especially older ones that had fire suppression sprinkler systems retrofitted.
  5. F-150 Lightning order numbers don’t include fleet buyers, which means it’ll be sold out for a long time

    I thought Ford had previously indicated that it was fulfilling retail reservation order holders first.
  6. F-150 Lightning EV Tax Credits & Rebates - Discussions & Predictions

    My understanding is that it is dependent upon the purchase date of the vehicle, not when the tax return is filed.
  7. Climate Control on the Pro?

    Used to live in OKC!
  8. Climate Control on the Pro?

    Buttons!!! Awesome!!
  9. Uh, Oh... looks like the EV tax credits are hitting an obstacle

    @Snakebitten is correct. When I had my hybrids, I purchased Ford Fusions because I wanted a normal looking/feeling car with a hybrid powertrain; something the Prius was not. I have no interest in the RiIvan or Teslas because of the interior set up. The Volvo Recharge series, Polestar 2 and...
  10. Uh, Oh... looks like the EV tax credits are hitting an obstacle

    Heck, 1979 when I graduated high school. Who knew we’d have Star Trek communicators (flip phones, much less smart phones) or Dick Tracy watches (Apple watches). It is amazing what has happened since you and I graduated high school. But that said, if you look over any 50 period in the...
  11. Six 2022 F-150 Lightnings spotted charging during testing, w/ first Oxford White look

    Nice that one is parked in a handicapped accessible spot. I hope the driver has the appropriate permit since I do not see a hang tag. Otherwise, this is bad PR for Ford.
  12. Ford Launches F-150 Lightning 3D Augmented Reality Experience

    I could not get the QR code to work with my iPad.
  13. Six 2022 F-150 Lightnings spotted charging during testing, w/ first Oxford White look

    I believe the leather steering wheel is standard on the XLT and the XLT+ gets the heated steering wheel. At least that is what I saw on the draft trim/pricing chart that was circulating a while back.
  14. Ford Launches F-150 Lightning 3D Augmented Reality Experience

    Not in the IOS App Store yet and the QR code does not work on the website. Ugh!!!!
  15. Finding EV Charging Locations

    If you are using solar power at home, there is still a cost based upon the infrastructure cost for the install and any maintenance/repair and the use of electricity that cannot be returned to the power grid because it is in your EV.
  16. Charging speed of the F150L might be too slow

    For us lay people, can you please translate to plain English? Us newbies are still learning and the jargon is confusing.
  17. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    The order bank has not yet opened. Your dealer might be trying to get your information so that they can plug orders in When the time comes. Rumor control is sometime in December, and then it will be in waves based upon reservation order at your dealership With potentially some minor...