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  1. Bi-Directional Power possible on Extended Range only?

    I initially understood it to mean the 80A charger would only work for the extended but upon later reflection i misinterpreted and they actually meant it was included in purchase price when you buy the extended....and that you can buy and use for base battery. What I thought was interesting I...
  2. The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Do Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging!

    Bingo they have said they expect to build out all Ford to Ford charging. So in time it will be every vehicle to vehicle... If anyone remembers how long vhs vs beta played out be aware the standards get worked out faster these days :cool:
  3. The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Do Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging!

    Just fyi and we probably all saw this coming but this functionality make solar panels a simple concept on the f150 too.
  4. 2022 Lightning Wheel and Tire Sizes | OEM 20” & 22”

    Running it thru (love that site) getting an 18" to fit same hole the 22" does gives: 32.8X10.8R18 AKA 275/68R18 In that range alot of choices as mentioned by others here a 22" narrows options and to be honest larger diameters just tend to be for show and shine stuff. Every...