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  1. The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Do Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging!

    "Call Mr. Recharge, that's my name. That name again is Mr. Recharge."
  2. Lightning XLT / Pro rear tailgate mods

    The Lariat/Platinum tailgate has its reverse lights integral to the light bar, near the center. Unfortunately, it appears that swapping the Pro/XLT tailgate for a Lariat/Platinum one won't be easy or affordable. It requires swapping out the taillights, too. They are shaped to fit the tailgate so...
  3. Power bank possible???

    Sure, if you insist on comparing apples to oranges. If you do a fair comparison, though - of an EV truck to an ICE truck - the EV is going to be better. Coal is very quickly going away. Natural gas while not ideal, burns cleaner than gasoline, and large power plants don't have the same energy...
  4. School me (us) on smart chargers

    But you're talking about hooking the Lightning up to a gas generator, right? That would be far less efficient than just burning gas in an ICE F-150. You'd be doing WORSE by the environment. As others have said, just plan your routes, and you'll never need a generator.
  5. Power bank possible???

    Even in places that burn coal, EVs reduce carbon emissions over their lifetime compared to an ICE vehicle driving the same miles. In many places one can elect to get all of their electricity from renewables, reducing the total post-manufacturing greenhouse emissions to zero.
  6. Power bank possible???

    If "buy an ICE vehicle" isn't an option for this hypothetical, then why is "charge your EV with an ICE generator"? The whole point of EVs (for most buyers) is to get away from burning fossil fuels. Someone using an ICE generator isn't doing that. The Lightning will come with a 120v/220v...
  7. Lightning Tour spots are open for Daytona, Washington and NY

    I see Oct. 27th as the last one on listed on the Pro tour. Not sure if there are any later dates on the retail tour. The Oct. 26th order date has been confirmed by multiple dealers and at least two Dearborn folks, with screenshots. Ford could delay it, I suppose. But at this point it's more...
  8. Lightning Tour spots are open for Daytona, Washington and NY

    When is the last tour event? Because we already know the order system will open on October 26th.
  9. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    This is the point of the limits, unfortunately. They are invariably proposed by the politicians that do not want EVs to be subsidized.* *That's not a political statement. It's a simple fact that some politicians don't want EV subsidies, or want to minimize EV subsidies. Whether or not one...
  10. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    No. Nobody knows yet. Hence all the speculation in this thread.
  11. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Reach 120K!

    Agreed. I don't think there's any chance at all that the number would be lower. So, "that's wrong" translates to "we're going for a much higher number than that."
  12. Concept Vehicle - 2024 Lightning Convertible - Clamshell Hardtop

    The frame is the structural member, and would only be stronger with a structural battery. They would do some stiffening of the cab, and include a roll bar as @MudDog has done. But I realized after my earlier response that removing the roof really doesn't affect the vehicle much in a pickup. The...
  13. Concept Vehicle - 2024 Lightning Convertible - Clamshell Hardtop

    I love convertibles and I love trucks. Not sure the two should ever be the same vehicle, though. A clamshell top for a supercrew cab is going to be huge and unwieldy. It'll also take up almost the entirety of the bed when it's down, but I guess you'd just put the top up when hauling...
  14. F150 Lightning Reservation Holder Event - Review Video

    Nose heavy, no. Just raked so that it can handle a payload in the bed without looking like a Carolina Squat. If anything, it'll be tail heavy with a payload (unless the load is evened out between the bed and frunk). But with 4 wheel drive and a low center of gravity that shouldn't be a problem.
  15. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Reach 120K!

    The 15k number was never from Ford. It was unsourced, and there has never been an official 2022 number. Since they are attempting to ramp up to 80k/year as soon as possible, we can safely assume that there will be a lot more than 15k in 2022. Ford just doesn't want to make any specific...
  16. More info from Biden's Lightning ride

    Cool stuff! (But the comments on that page are pure cringe.)
  17. More info from Biden's Lightning ride

    He's much more of a train guy, but he understands that Americans love their cars and the only way to get us off oil is to promote the hell out of EVs.
  18. Subtle body changes from ICE to Lightning

    Agree. In fact, almost everything that is different between ICE and Lightning, I prefer the version on Lightning.
  19. Do I need to run new 400 amp service in my house for the Lightning + everything else?

    If anything, it was deigned for home use more than anything, as I believe it's required for home backup power.