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  1. Power-up 1.7.1 OTA Installed

    Does this update enable bluecruise? Still trying to figure out what’s going on with that but everyone from Ford customer service to the local dealer here in CA seems clueless.
  2. Linex and bed bolts

    Looking to get my bed sprayed soon but the linex dealer near me is saying they won’t remove the bolts in the bed. They do say that they’ll remove all the other hardware to include the tailgate plate. Is spraying over the bolts in the bed going to be an issue? Should I expect any dealer to be...
  3. Strange CarPlay Disconnect?

    Just noticed this as well. Not on my commute luckily (only a 10 min drive to work) but in the next town over which I go to somewhat frequently as I’m coming into town CarPlay will disconnect on me. I can usually get it reconnected but it usually takes some effort but by the time I’m headed back...
  4. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    You checked your fuses? No idea, but maybe loose fuses could be the problem?
  5. No leaks on what's new for 2022 F-150?

    Have they announced when they’re updating the SDs?
  6. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    Checked mine as well. The smaller ones seemed to go in further. Not a ton of movement but they certainly went in a bit further.
  7. "Old to New"- What did you drive before purchasing

    2010 Silverado w/ 176K To 2021 KR
  8. 7/26 Build Week Club

    Picked up on Monday and on the road back to CA. Of course I had to stop and get the requisite Bucees shot.
  9. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    Haven’t read the entire thread but any chance of getting access without an invite? Just picked up my truck yesterday and driving back to CA and would really like to use it on the trip. Would calling Ford help at all? The cruise control with lane centering does pretty well already, just dings at...
  10. Are clear bras worth it?

    Ha that’s where I got my 12 disc CD changer installed in my first truck, a 92 Silverado step side when I was in high school. That brings back memories. Good to se that they’re still there.
  11. 7/26 Build Week Club

    Headed to the dealer to pick it up on Mon
  12. King Ranch vs Platinum

    My KR has painted bumpers and no chrome
  13. King Ranch vs Platinum

    I love the styling of the KR and pulled the trigger on one and am a week out from picking it up. I'm sure being a Texan has a lot to do with my fondness of the brand. I was originally debating between a lariat & KR and once I added all the additional features on to the Lariat it wound up being...
  14. Incentive and Offers from Ford

    Can I stack the 1k & the military 500?
  15. 7/26 Build Week Club

    My truck was scheduled from 2 Sept - 8 Sept fora delivery and was actually delivered on Monday. Unfortunately I can’t get out to pick it up til the 5th anyhow. Oh well what’s an extra couple weeks after all this time already I suppose.
  16. 7/26 Build Week Club

    Just got word my truck arrived today. Unfortunately it’ll still be a couple weeks before I can get to the dealer to pick it up.
  17. Train Carrying New F-150s Derails!

    You’d figure that surely Ford would prioritize y’all’s trucks to get rebuilt at least within the next week or so.
  18. 7/26 Build Week Club

    Performance parts told me this morning that my truck has arrived to the local transfer point where it will be loaded onto a truck for final transport to the dealer but they can’t provide any further status once the rail trip is done. Will palsapp work for the last leg? Anyone know how to track...
  19. Devastated. RIP Week Old F-150 Destroyed by Fire

    Oh and I should use this opportunity to plug Jorge Lopez at Tomball Ford. The reorder went through at the height of the chip shortage when everyone was selling at MSRP minimum if not over. Jorge honored our original deal we had made on the first truck plus the price of the mirrors. If you need a...