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  1. Doug DeMuro gives an F-150 Lightning tour

    I learned you can play video games on the center screen... I'll be interested to see his review when he gets to actually drive it, and what "Doug Score" he will give the Lightning.
  2. F-150 Lightning Platinum (Iconic Silver) & Lariat (Rapid Red) Spotted On Public Roads

    Glad to see the Lightning driving on public streets, the Platinum is a good looking truck.
  3. What color F-150 Lightning are you ordering?

    Going with Iced Blue Silver for the exclusivity to the Lightning, with all the F-150's on the road this color will subtilty stand out amongst them.
  4. F-150 Lightning Merchandise & Swag Now Available

    I agree, the lightning bolt & flag logo would be awesome on a t-shirt! Might have to get one of the glow in the dark lightning shirts for Halloween
  5. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Form sent. 5/19/21 reservation within 3 hours after reveal Can't wait to experience the 563hp and 775 lb-ft of torq!