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  1. 2021 F-150 Payload Stickers

    The max tow does seem to reduce payload but impact varies depending on the spec. Ex: the Powerboost already has the 3/4 float axle, so really only adds the larger rear brakes. I think its a ~20lb-50lb hit from what I can tell in this thread depending on spec. I can’t wrap my brain around a...
  2. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    This is awesome! Would there be any changes for a 6.5’ bed with scales / CCD?
  3. Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover Review with Photos! - Install & First Impressions

    Thanks! FWIW, jugs are 21.5” tall, for anyone else wondering the same.
  4. Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover Review with Photos! - Install & First Impressions

    Thats fantastic! You wouldn't happen to have an interior height measurement, would you? Trying to figure out if VP gas jugs will fit underneath.
  5. Ham & GMRS Install

    Wanted to start a thread on ideas, parts, antenna and mic mounting options Credit to @Slappy McGee for a fantastic YouTube vid. Hard to imagine a more informative, well though out video; thanks! I don't have my truck yet, but I plan on essentially copying @Slappy McGee methods with slight...
  6. Desert Night Run, Campout and Sand Box Fun.

    @Slappy McGee I saw your vid on YT- awesome stuff! I’m going to start a new thread on topic so as to not hijack @KartRacer25 thread. OP- have to say I’m jealous. Always wanted to 4-wheel in some dunes, never been close enough. On the camping setup, any gear that worked or didnt? Looks like you...
  7. Desert Night Run, Campout and Sand Box Fun.

    Looks epic! Do you have a built-in radio setup? If so, care to share?
  8. Moving Factory Tie Downs

    Disclaimer: this is my experience on an 06 F150. -Bolts go into threaded holes -Park on level ground, remove & replace 1 bolt at a time - Use penetrating lube if corrosion suspected -I discarded factory washers when i installed D-rings to ensure overall bolt head height was the same, and same...
  9. Moving Factory Tie Downs

    In my last F150, I removed the six bed bolts, and reinstalled with these. Gave me bed-level tie downs. Be aware, the bed bolts are 1x use.
  10. No More Camaros!

    The rear view camara mirror is a huge help. And the visibility isn't THAT bad. That said, acute intersections are murder, the C-pillar is massive.
  11. Any product to convert front tow hook to hitch receiver?

    Thats awesome! If it helps, I used this QD kit for my trailer winch to drive it off my truck battery. You could run a QD kit front and rear so the wiring would be a cinch either way. Wish the Powerboost had a simpler method, but I think old school is the way for winch wiring...
  12. No More Camaros!

    Disclosure: I track/race a 2019 Camaro ZL1/1LE. Camaro chased performance to its own fault. GM made a phenomenally capable sports car at the expense of ergonomics and convenience, giving up significant marketshare to Ford, which is a much better and usable street car. And once it became clear...
  13. Air compressor

    I use the Milwaukee M12 at the race track. It will take ~12 tires from 24 to 36PSI on a charge. Also has no issue taking trailer tires from 76-80. Its not fast, but it has a set point, so you can walk away. Of all the high end tools I use, that one gets the most compliments.
  14. slide in camper prep for powerboost

    So, one more thought. May want to have a strategy to keep exhaust/CO out of the camper if using the PPOB for power. Perhaps a dryer hose or similar and an internal CO alarm.
  15. Onboard scales out yet?

    Despite being a 21 order-2 option, I haven't seen any firsthand account of anyone actually having this option. Haven't even seen a window sticker with them. I’m wondering if its one if the unobtainable options in today’s chip shortage. if anyone does have them: -How consistent/accurate is the...
  16. Flip from 2021 to 2022 F150 Platinum

    I ordered a Lariat 9/27. Tried to make a small change to running boards a week later and was told no changes, despite not having a VIN because the Ford rep stated no changes to 2021’s. I strongly suspect I’m getting rolled to 2022, but no idea when that trigger point will happen
  17. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    Something else to consider, most DCFC stations are on perimeter of curbed parking lots. From a layout perspective, they are not conducive to accommodating a vehicle with trailer in tow. You may have to anticipate unhooking just to get to the charger.
  18. Failed Console Gear Shift Lever

    All brands seem to be doing a little too much ‘value engineering’ these days. My wife’s 2021 $75k Yukon Denali destroyed its lifters 8hrs away in Orlando…with a squad of cheerleaders she was ferrying for a summer camp (she’s the coach). ORL dealer couldn't do anything due to national backorder...
  19. Possible to draw from battery without engine turning on?

    @F-150 Prius, super helpful writeup. Sentry mode is too clever - Ford should do this!. To OP, I think you're on to something, would be nice if there was an ICE lockout. I too would be concerned about CO poisoning. I presently sleep/camp in my 5.5’ bed (06 Supercrew). I’m looking at the...
  20. Ready To Wire The House

    I’ve never heard of the split outlet solution. With the cost of Romex these days and the length of multiple runs for different outlets, I’m not sure that its cheaper than a regular transfer switch. Also, Ive done the extension cord game, unplugging appliances, etc. Its painful. I just had a 50a...