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  1. 3% Under Invoice 2022 F-150 Order - Granger Ford

    Other threads have mentioned that all PBs are built in Dearborn, so that may be the reason in his case.
  2. Deciding which mirrors to order

    I’m not thrilled about either option. I like the standard mirrors on my 2016. They seem like the right size. Going smaller doesn’t seem right on the truck. I went with the tow mirrors for my 2022 order but debated the choice and am still not sure I made the right one.
  3. Adaptive Steering makes a difference?

    Does anybody else have thoughts on whether the adaptive steering is worthwhile? I have an order for a 701A that I'm rolling over to MY22 and am debating whether to add this option. I have no issues with the steering on my 2016 XLT but don't have a basis for comparison to know if this is going...
  4. 2021 F-150 Scheduling This Week (9/27) for Build Week 11/22

    Yes, I got a new order sheet and my dealer is resubmitting. Said this needs to be done by Nov. 1st to get the rollover incentives.
  5. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered mine the end of July and still unscheduled. Just anecdotal but from reading this site it seems like Platinums take longer to schedule.
  6. Disappointed in B&O Unleashed

    Sirius uses satellites to broadcast signals to terrestrial receivers. The satellites orbit far above the earth, on the order of thousands of miles. The satellites can't transmit with the same bandwidth or power of FM radio or other systems located on earth and perhaps only a few miles away...
  7. 3% Under Invoice 2022 F-150 Order - Granger Ford

    Thanks for sharing. Hoping mine's on the list. Otherwise you have another customer with impeccable taste, but really all of these are good builds.
  8. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    I ordered the exact same truck as you except without the adaptive steering (didn't know it had to be ordered separately) and the spray in liner (will get that done locally). My order date is July 27th, and I'm also still unscheduled with no VIN. I'm debating whether to cancel and reorder a...