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  1. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Order submitted on 2/27. I made the "egregious" error of ordering some of the options that Ford offers which include: 1. Max trailer tow 2, Bed liner 3. Wheel well liners It's a shame that I had no idea that opting for these items would send my order into another dimension. In the meanwhile...
  2. 6/14 Build Week Club

    I've had a Vin for 3 months.
  3. Which Microchips Are Delaying Deliveries

    For the record I can't put any stock in the site which is displaying this chip information. Mine shows 4 chips as null. Another truck sitting on my dealer's lot shows 3. Clearly what that site displays and what it means for delivery are not closely connected.
  4. Lack of Ford information rant.

    It's atrocious. I ordered on 2/27 and my order has been rescheduled 4 times. The latest build day is 7/6. The only information I have is that it is in "Order Processing," 4 months to process an order? I've essentially written this order off and reserved a second truck with the same dealer...
  5. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    This video is quite a game changer stating that range on the extended battery may actually be 460 miles. That potentially could mean towing range of 184 miles if using 40% or 230 miles if using 50% of that maximum range. Makes things as far as towing much more interesting.
  6. 2021 F-150 Lightning With Extended Battery May Get ~460 Miles Range, Unloaded!

    I was in the same boat. The excitement of the moment got me and i figured I’d ride this out and see where it lands once the ordering banks opened up. I even posted recently in another thread that Ford should have given this vehicLe at least a 400 mile range so that towing distances might be...
  7. 6/14 Build Week Club

    My sales person has been updating me. I never had a window sticker and still don't.
  8. 6/14 Build Week Club

    Mine got delayed yet again. Now the build day is set for 7/6. I ordered on 2/27. This is pitiful.
  9. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    Ford should have gone for 400+ mile range which would allow for at least somewhat tolerable towing range. However their target market is certainly not people that tow long distances.
  10. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    Makes perfect sense. The towing range is a huge barrier to ownership on this one for me. If it's in the neighborhood of 200, it might be workable. But I highly doubt it.
  11. Limited Lightning Tow Range

    Tow range is my concern as well. I don't know if this is just marketing exaggeration but look at this image from Ford's Charging on the Go video: It shows a range of 240 miles and in the very next frame shows this:
  12. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    Thank you however we are referring to the range in miles while towing. The numbers you posted are payload and towing capacities.
  13. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    1. Will the XLT have packages like the current F-150 such as 300A/301A/302A? 2. Is the panoramic moonroof available on XLT? 3. I second Mnknolan's question above, what is the towing range on the standard and on the extended battery?
  14. 6/14 Build Week

    My situation sounds the same as yours, week of 6/14 and just got assigned to day of 6/17. I ordered on 2/27, when did you? I have spray in bedliner, wheel well liners, and max tow. Do you have any of those?
  15. 6/14 Build Week

    I'm also scheduled for the 6/14 build week. This is my third scheduled week but just got my day assigned today to 6/17. Though my previous 2 scheduled weeks also had a day scheduled, I am thinking (hoping) this one might be more significant with KC reopening.
  16. Ford Launches VIN Specific Calculator! See your F-150's exact payload, GVWR, GCWR, and more!

    Doesn’t seem to bother RAM whose payload ratings are worse yet have had a similar site for a very long time.
  17. How much can a 2.7 Ecoboost Tow? This chart only confuses.

    With all due respect I figured I needed that but how do I find the axle ratio from a specific Monroney? I am looking for a Supercrew in either 2wd or 4wd with the 145" wheelbase.
  18. How much can a 2.7 Ecoboost Tow? This chart only confuses.

    Ford's towing guide shows the following towing capabilities for the 2.7 Ecoboost. However nowhere does it explain how to achieve that 10,100 lb towing rating. Usually there are footnotes stating how to achieve a specific tow rating. Does anyone know how to decipher this so that I know exactly...