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  1. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    I would have stuck with USAA if it were only slightly higher, but going from $1600/6mi to $2800 for two vehicles with no claims or tickets is just a little ridiculous. I don’t care how good their claims service is and I do agree they outshine everybody else in that area.
  2. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    I had USAA for car and home but they are getting ridiculous in FL. My homeowners went from $1600/yr to $3800/yr last year. My auto went from $1600/6mo to $2800/6mo for 2 cars 2020 Explorer ST and my 2021 F-150 both me and the wife are over 55 and no claims. I ended up going to FL Farm Bureau and...
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks! Hopefully they send it again. Maybe……😄
  4. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Ruge, can you check mine again? I think it failed again because the update button popped up on the screen as I was driving but then disappeared. thanks! 1FTFW1E82MFB07129
  5. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Ruge can you check my VIN again to see if the updates have failed again? I’ve got my truck on the battery charger to make sure that isn’t the issue. Thanks! 1FTFW1E82MFB07129
  6. One good thing about B&O Stereo System.... (sigh)

    unixadm Can you check mine. I unplugged the center and it sounds better but want to see if it’s gonna get better. 1FTFW1E82MFB07129 Thanks
  7. just a funny driving last night

    I was in the Keys a year or so ago and mine did the same. I filled up just outside Key West and it read 622. By the time I hit Homestead,it was 712. Never had it that high.
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Ruge, can you check my VIN 1FTFW1E82MFB07129? It said I had an update that was to install tonight but when I went back out to the truck it‘s gone. The truck said it’s on 6.4.0 but Ford Pass says 6.3.0 from Dec 1st. My truck has been pretty good about updates and I’ve always given them time to...
  9. Priority update 22-PU-1009-PPO-SI

    Just received this update today but I don’t have a PB. HMMMMMM………… looks like they are a little out of sequence.
  10. Ford Accessories F-150 Rubber Bed Mat - feedback / reviews?

    I have a spray in bedliner and was tired of things sliding around in the bed so I bought the Ford rubber mat you are asking about and it fits perfectly and stops all the sliding in the bed. I recommend it.
  11. Anyone else's dealer say "it's normal" to things that are not

    I went through three dealerships before finding one that actually listens to problems. So far so good with this one.
  12. Weird radio/cluster issue.

    It could do this if you received an update while driving. Look into that. Just a thought.
  13. Wi-Fi connectivity

    Ruge, that post was several months ago when I couldn’t get anything to update. Once I got the APIM replaced, everything has worked as advertised. I can’t complain.
  14. Top Speed?

    My F150 does the same 105 at the limiter. Now my wife’s Explorer ST doesn’t have that and I’ve had hers up to 135 racing a Subaru WRX who had no chance.
  15. Happy Memorial Day

    @powerboatr its hard for people that never served to understand what it means to serve or to lose a friend or relative that did serve. They just believe what they read on the internet.
  16. Happy Memorial Day

    Well there always has to be one who has to ruin everything.
  17. Happy Memorial Day

    Please use the term “Memorable Memorial Day” for most of us that have served and lost someone it’s not a happy Day. We look to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, this day is for them. Thanks!
  18. What else am I missing on my "Loaded" Platinum?

    From what I know about my 21 Platinum, your Zone Lighting button position should be a “Favorite” that can be changed.