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  1. Bluecruise question regarding trailer lights

    my bluecruise used to work normally now it wants me to hold the wheel while its on the whole time.
  2. any idea what this plug is for?

    been wondering that myself but goes in 4wd no problem and no broken axles or gears , I did find that a bit odd as well!!!
  3. any idea what this plug is for?

    you have a pdf of your window sticker? curious to compare my specs with yours
  4. any idea what this plug is for?

    it's a 22 so covid build, and I have no idea eco boost 402a tremor small generator in bed.
  5. any idea what this plug is for?

    the plug is what I'm trying to find out what it is, and does it connect to the other plug with the 4 circles on the back of it in the other picture?
  6. What is this plug used for

    I'm trying to find a cap for that harness but not having any luck with it, so tape it is!!
  7. What is this plug used for

    I got the ecob in my 22 tremor
  8. What is this plug used for

    I got a tremor ecoboost 3.5 with PRO POWER ONBOARD - 2KW the line is connect from the outlet to harness and then to the plug which is close to the 7way plug all of which is on the drivers side
  9. Good set of Jack stands and Jack.

    I got the same one's awesome jacks.
  10. What is this plug used for

    Also since I'm not using it and it is open to elements and I'm guessing it is live? Is there some type of cap for it, or just wrap it with electric tape?
  11. What is this plug used for

    The plug is connected to the generator wiring harness but what do you plug into it ??? Is there some accessory that plugs into it????
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    2nd set damn guess at that cost you could have put these on 2021 2022 2023 F-150 OEM Ford Chrome Trailer Tow Mirrors Power Fold 360 Camera Blind Spot - Ford (ML3Z-17696-DA)
  13. New update today

    good thing I got blue cruise, but I still think I will have to use FDRS software to load it on my truck.
  14. New update today

    6.13.0 damn most ppl don't even have 6.2.0 others 6.4.0, and still waiting.
  15. ProAccess Tailgate -- Info about when it will become available?

    3rd to 4th qtr next year, most likely and they will say due to parts shortage etc
  16. what is your preferred gear oil ?

    e-locker with 9.75 diff is what i got on the 22 f150 tremor
  17. Ford Performance Diff Cover

    In the end I got this one and now deciding on what gear oil to use, weight 75-90
  18. what is your preferred gear oil ?

    For me right now I have some royal purple and amsoil both 75-90 weight, not sure which one to use!