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  1. My 2021 Nightmare..

    Gang, Looking for a little insight. Picked up my 2021 XLT in March of 2021 after waiting over half a year for it. Truck was spec’d exactly how I wanted it and I love(d) it. Less than a year ago, my windshield wipers started going haywire. My 12” display screen also went black. Brought the...
  2. P0456

    Well, threw my first CEL at just over 4,000 miles. Anybody have this? Threw 3 of the same codes. P0456 - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected Anybody had this one? Called Ford and was told it would be a month to get it in. Supposed to be going up north next weekend pulling my trailer.
  3. 2021 F-150 Tremor Spotted Again in the Wild

    Spotted this tonight on manufacturer plates in Metro Detroit. Looked phenomenal!
  4. Finally! Delivered..

    Well after placing my order on 09/16/2020 (and pretty much being in the dark), I took delivery of my truck on 03/08/2020. It was hard turning in my 2018 F-150. I really, really liked that truck. The interior on these 2021 F-150s are absolutely phenomenal. This alone was worth the upgrade for...
  5. Finally, some hope..

    After religiously checking the tracker daily since I ordered my truck back in September, there’s finally hope! Showing delivered to my dealer on 02/22. I’m almost hoping that they’ll stall enough to get me to March for the incentives. Not what I’d expect to say after waiting 6 months!
  6. 2021 F-150 have arrived at dealers locally!

    Passed by my local dealer today and they’ve got a few 2021 F-150s sitting on the lot for sale. Saw a few more in their gated in lot too that I couldn’t access. No word yet on my truck. Ordered in September. Hoping this is a good sign though!
  7. 2021 STX F-150 sightings w/ first look at 18” gloss black wheels

    I ran across a group of 2021 STX on the highway today. Forgive the quality, as I was trying my best with an iPhone going 70MPH. Look good! Still waiting to see one in Space White..
  8. Submitted my order..

    Submitted my order for my 2021 this week. To start, I’ll say my salesman is phenomenal. A great guy who never hesitates to answer my questions. With that said, what an anticlimactic ordeal! I knew exactly what I thought I wanted, but it wasn’t until I sat down that we started getting “errors”...
  9. Spotted: 8' Foot Bed on the 2021 F-150

    Caught this one earlier. With the 20” wheels and the extended cab, the 8’ bed didn’t seem too disproportionate.