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  1. Finally put eyes on our long awaited XLT

    Granger is also a combination Ford, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/RAM/Wagoneer dealer. First time I had ever seen that. Not sure how they discount those vehicles but you can bet it is somewhat similar pricing. Just reach out to Zach or Sean, they can put you in contact with the right salesperson if you...
  2. How to make Stowable Shifter fold down automatically?

    I'd rather just have the old fashion column shifter myself like they put in the XL & XLT
  3. Tint help/info wanted.

    Seems like a decent price, now to get the tint. I had the windows tinted on my 1980 Thunderbird. No idea what the % was but I hated driving it at night. I regularly rolled down the driver's window and sometimes the passenger's before I would make a turn because it was difficult to see so have...
  4. Tint help/info wanted.

    Question. What about cleaning your windows after you get them tinted? Can you use Windex, Vinegar with water, Sprayway or what is recommended? I would assume some cleaners can be harmful to the tint? TIA
  5. Factory battery ongoing issues

    Counting change for these kids nowadays blows my mind! I can't even tell you how many times I've gone to like a fast food joint, pay for a meal and they stand there all confused trying to figure out how much change to give back. The register literally tells them how much change to give back but...
  6. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    I rarely use it. I even bought the 3 year extension but it still operates the same way it has since new, ALWAYS pulls to the right and I HATE that! Hopefully if I ever get 1.4 it'll work but as of now I have no intentions on buying another extension even if I can get another 3 years for $600.
  7. Price Breakdown Sheet from Dealer.....Wrote MSRP $2000 More than Window Sticker...Kind of Confused

    Go Granger or Go Home! 😁 Best vehicle buying experience I ever had! Seriously, don't play into this or any other dealership's game. Not saying there aren't any other great dealers out there but they can be difficult to find. Also be aware you do not have to go to Granger to pick up a truck...
  8. 2021 Owners - What is your OTA Version?

    Oh okay, kinda wondered what happened but wasn't overly concerned because the only other failure I remember was sometime in the first 12 mos of ownership. I think that happened like 2 times within a week then it finally went through, but been too long ago and this old brain doesn't even remember...
  9. 2021 Owners - What is your OTA Version?

    I got 3 updates last week and currently sitting at 6.5. I did get a notification Tuesday 6/13 that 6.8 failed (was never told an update was on it's way or pending) and would try again at a later date. Went to see if it was available for manual update and truck says I have no updates available...
  10. $500 Farm Bureau Certificate

    Here is what is posted by Ford and a link to the page. Unless I've missed it I don't see any mention of financing affecting eligibility to use the incentive. I know in previous years it did not affect it, the incentive was just like applying cash to the purchase. Who is Eligible? Farm Bureau...
  11. Ford Early Access

    Nope, haven't applied, I'll wait for the rest of you to try everything out.
  12. Ford Early Access

    I'm not in the EAP nor have I ever been invited which is fine y'all can be the guinea pigs 😅
  13. Oil change interval at just 1,000 miles?

    If you have the Ford Protect Maintenance Plan you can use it at any Ford dealership or QuickCare. Not all dealerships have a QuickCare onsite. The one I go to moved their QuickCare offsite about 2-3 years ago (it's about a mile away) and converted the QuickCare bldg into a Lincoln showroom.
  14. Extended warranty

    Just want to add that Ford raises the prices on the ESP every January (more or less, most definitely in the 1st Qtr) and sometimes they will raise the price twice a year. Also if you pay the entire cost upfront with Zeigler you can get either either a $200 or $250 discount (I forgot the exact...
  15. 2023 Raptor Market Adj

    Agreed and they even had another just like it in the front sales lot, same markup. I should've seen what they're doing with pricing on the other F150s but I didn't even think about it.
  16. 2023 Raptor Market Adj

    Dropped off my truck for service this morning. Went to the showroom to see what they had. A couple of Broncos, a Super Duty and this Raptor. It was all I could do to keep from laughing louder than I did. Didn't matter anyway because no sales reps were on the floor because it was too early...
  17. Will this turn out to be the "Wait Time" Record?🤔

    Glad to see your truck FINALLY arrived home Chris! Too bad you'll still be driving on the wrong side of the road 😅 I'm kidding of course! Truck looks awesome! Congrats or should I say Cheers Mate! Like I know Australian phrases 😁 No offense intended of course! Enjoy!
  18. sit 4 people in the back seat

    Looks to me like Samson16 and bbenea have some great co-pilots
  19. Another Great Granger Experience!

    Thanks and for the advice too (y)