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  1. 5.0 engine unavailable to KingRanch and Platnium 2024

    Just more of Ford's packaging/optioning bullshit. They've drifted far afield from the company from whom I've purchased 7 new vehicles over the years.
  2. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    I can totally relate to the "no patience" scenario!!
  3. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    TFL Truck has an older video of Micah taking an F150 with 4A through some deep CO snow, and it went through great. I remember he was having so much fun at how well it did. But I'm not discounting your experience at all.
  4. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    I also live in western PA and only have a '20 5.0 XLT, so no 4auto (thanks, Ford, you suck at option availability). Anyway, in 4H the front really binds when I take a slow turn, even in snow. It binds and then releases.
  5. Help with tire selection

    I am very happy with my General Grabber ATX's, same as what's on the Tremor. Very stable in the rain, reasonably quiet.
  6. DIY White lettering on KO2’s

    That is just so hot.
  7. How To Ruin A Truck

    I'm curious how much higher this rating would be if had just the 3.5EB. That battery on the PB has to be heavy.
  8. Off Topic (but am very interested in what y’all have to say)

    I have a Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics. Now I'm 61 years old. Started out in Fortran programming and worked up to directing software support teams. Here's what I learned and it's too damned late for me to do anything about it: 1. No matter what you think your plans are now, your body is...
  9. 2024 F-150 Refresh Revealed! New Design, Tech, Base 2.7L EcoBoost Engine, Pro Access Tailgate

    I'm so pissed at Ford. I know this is a personal quirk, but I would like a little chrome on the outside and cloth seats. So that would be an XLT, right? The seats on the non-sport XLT's was very light. I was hoping it would be darker this year. But nope. Look at how light the cloth on these...
  10. Any off-road tires that are good in the snow?

    I got 20" General Grabber ATX's this year. Love them so far but one test remains: Snow. They were rated highly on Tire Rack for snow, so fingers crossed.
  11. Repair Costs Are Out of Control: $5,600 Bill for Some Tail Lamps.

    When you sink a metal mailbox pole into an entire bag of concrete, it's guaranteed that your wife will back your F-150 directly into it taillight first, the first time she drives your truck. Anyway, for my 2020 F-150, it cost me $230 at the dealer's parts desk and 10 minutes of my own time to...
  12. Diode Dynamics Elite Max Headlights installed! (with photos)

    How about installation and any issues? I hear the Morimotos are easy plug & play. Were the Aplharexes the same? I have no wiring skills whatsoever. Getting away with $1k less spend keeps the wifey-poo happy.
  13. 87 vs 93 Octane

    My 2020 5.0 knocks some on 87, but not nearly as much on the good stuff.
  14. 5.0 V8 towing test video

    Beautiful truck!
  15. Farewell For Now! Thanks for all the information and help!

    Spoken like a gentleman.
  16. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    So cool-looking and different!
  17. Anyone have an extra $500k?

    If I had $500k, I'd buy a loaded Tremor and pocket the other $425k in an IRA, and enjoy a very happy retirement.
  18. B&O Unleashed… the Worst of OEM Offerings

    I learned to drive on a '74 F150 with three-on-the-tree, and an AM radio with one speaker in the top of the dash. I don't need much and I am loathe to pay extra.
  19. Grabber ATX or Discoverer AT3 4S?

    UPDATE: I just ordered the General Grabber ATX's. They've always caught my attention, and I'd like to give them a try. They are rated just a little higher on sand, light snow, deep snow and ice, per the TireRack.