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  1. What XLT package includes the rain sensing wipers?

    Can someone tell me what XLT package includes the rain sensing wipers? I was just going through the menus on my new truck and I have the option to turn them on...I didn't even know I had them. They aren't an option on my window sticker and I guess I never noticed them as a feature in the...
  2. Scheduling this Week

    Does anyone know if F150 orders with picked up for scheduling this week 5-7-21?
  3. Opinions Wanted on New truck

    So...here's the back story. I had a 2018 I sold to Carvana in the fall and I recently received a 2K PCO so I'm in the market. I am also eligible for X-Plan. I talked to the salesman I purchased my last truck from and he had two on the lot I was interested in. I really want leadfoot and they...