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  1. Florida stx grille carbonized grey

    All that I've seen are damaged. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out though.
  2. Florida stx grille carbonized grey

    Willing to pay $500 for an OEM STX carbonized grey grille.
  3. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    Identical situation here, I put in the walmart H8 last week, all low battery issues appear resolved. I also bought a Noco genius 5 battery charger, the quick release X-connect battery addon, and will hook it up overnight if I ever go a long period without driving much.
  4. New battery; H7 or H8?

    Got the battery cover locally, installed the h8 walmart battery yesterday. All is good now. Interestingly enough, I hooked up my previous battery to my NOCO genius 5 that I just got, and it was blinking red on the first bar for 3 hours.. I've been driving a lot too. I have no idea why that POS...
  5. New battery; H7 or H8?

    Finally found the jacket locally. When I install the battery do I need any sort of “memory saver” to not lose my settings? I have a Noco genius 5 amp but not sure if that would work for this purpose. Also, do I need to do any forscan changes to recognize the h8 battery size instead of the...
  6. New battery; H7 or H8?

    They said it’s backordered and it never shipped.
  7. New battery; H7 or H8?

    I still can’t find the h8 battery blanket KL3Z10A687C Even fordparts doesn’t have it. I’m in FL so worried about installing without it. My truck entered deep sleep today again so I need to replace it pronto. H8 without cover or just exchange for h7 and be done with it. Hmm. Not good for a guy...
  8. New battery; H7 or H8?

    Thanks, ordered.
  9. New battery; H7 or H8?

    So I bought a Walmart h8 to put in my 2.7 '22 XL. But the problem is I can't find part #KL3Z10A687C which is the shroud cover for the h8 size battery. I tried two vendors, lakelandford and another, and both cancelled my order saying there was no expected restock date. Maybe discontinued since...
  10. Unknown battery issue- keeps going into sleep/power saver mode

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/40647529 Does this look like a good option?
  11. Unknown battery issue- keeps going into sleep/power saver mode

    My dealers mobile service came out, tested it, said the battery 'tested fine' but that the device said it 'needed to be charged'. No clue what any of that means, but they refused to replace it unless I bring it in for a more thorough test. I drove 500 miles the day prior, so I don't see why it...
  12. Best options for dark roads with deer?

    Cool, I'll order. If I were to start with one, which would you go with? Leaning toward the ditch lights. And you'd go white or yellow? This one?
  13. Best options for dark roads with deer?

    I've been traveling for the last few weeks in some fairly remote state parks. I am coming across deer, bear, etc, every drive. I often see 0-1 cars on a 30 minute drive in the current place I am at. I am wondering what sort of lighting mods would be best for this scenario. I already have the...
  14. Unknown battery issue- keeps going into sleep/power saver mode

    My '22 XL 2.7 keeps going into power saver mode. When I unlock the car the side lights and interior lights don't come on and just two days ago the truck was completely dead when I woke up. Any ideas? I have a NOCO boost jump starter so that wasn't an issue(I am on a long camping trip towing a...
  15. Wiper Motor Recall (Update: Replacement Parts Are Finally In)

    Had mobile ford dealer come out to do my 2 recalls. They said they only inspected it and it 'failed' and they would now have to request from ford the part, as they are limited to a few per day. So they didn't actually fix it.. kind of annoyed now. No ETA on when they will have a part available...
  16. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    Got them installed yesterday. First impressions: Not much The truck definitely feels 'tighter' when cornering, stopping, handling, etc. It feels a bit stiffer overall when driving. Not any better ride quality in my opinion. I've read that they are stiff to start and loosen up over a few hundred...
  17. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    Keeping all oem besides the 5100s. I think the 6112 comes with the full coil over and whatnot. I just handed them the struts? and mounting hardware. I pick up the truck in a few hours and I’ll let you know how it goes.
  18. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    Mine are in the shop right now for $550 total for install and alignment. Wasn’t the cheapest I got quoted at but it was by a 4x4 shop that does these all the time so I figured I’d pay a premium. Anything above $600 sounds high to me.
  19. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    Bilstein sent out the replacement mounting hardware. In the meantime I got 3 quotes. Local shop, $200 for install but they don't do alignments Mobile mechanic guy I use for some things, $300 but no alignment 4x4 shop 30 min away from me, $550 with alignment. Also takes a few hours and will...
  20. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    I always buy from them, unfortunately they are out of stock and I wanted to get these in this upcoming week since I am leaving on a long road trip in late nov. But yeah, stage 3 is always great.