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  1. Pro Access Tailgate

    When will we really start seeing these on lots? Wondering if it’s worth waiting or taking my order that is coming in next week. If it’s a month, might be worth the wait.
  2. HUD (Heads up Display) availability

    When looking through window stickers this morning for the 24's. I see no mention of heads up display on any of them. Does this mean the platinum, king ranch trims that are currently being built will not have it? If so, I will not take delivery..... This is crazy.
  3. So I tinted my front windshield....

    I did the xpel prime xr plus on the front windshield.. 50%... Now my screen sensor thinks its dark during the day and the only time it will automatically adjust is if my truck is directly at the son if that makes sense.. and even then most of the time it doesn't trigger.. Anyone know where the...
  4. Oklahoma 2021 F-150 Platinum Wheels and Hankook Tires

    I have a set of takeoff wheels/tires from my 2021 F-150 Platinum. These were removed after 1k miles and replaced with a new set of wheels/tires. In excellent shape. $1,250 OBO. Must pickup in Tulsa, OK.
  5. After market wheels/tires and horrible gas mileage.

    Now before someone says.. “what do you expect?” Hear me out. Truck is a 3.5 eco. I am getting like 13.0-13.5 at 65mph and 15.0-15.5 in city. Which is weird to me. I’ve got fuel rebels and 295/60/20 ridge grapplers w 2” level. What is everyone else getting? Also, dealer won’t fix my speedo. Is...
  6. Wheel/Tire offset decision

    I have a 2021 Platinum and looking at a new wheel/tire combination. I have some options. All consist of Nitto Ridge Grappler and Fuel 20x9 wheels. 1) 285/60/20 w/ +1 offset 2) 295/60/20 w/ +20 offset 3) 295/60/20 w/ +1 offset What do you guys think will look better? My truck has a 2" level...
  7. Got my platinum with Carmelo in.....

    But like another member, it wasn’t the one I ordered.....lol Carbonized Grey Platinum FX4 with Carmelo interior w/ max tow and 2KW power Gave up work surface and that's about it. Was able to combine x-plan with the $2k private offer.... Just some pics.... long wait but glad it's here.
  8. Headed to look at the new truck...

    But like another poster. It’s not the one I ordered. The only difference is this one has max tow package and 2kw power. The only deletion is interior work surface. Asking from a prospective of resell/value moving forward. Which one is the better purchase? Understanding beauty is in the eye of...
  9. Carmelo Seats production constraint?

    Are the carmelo seats still holding things up? I think I have only seen one platinum with them that has been delivered. What are you guys seeing out there?
  10. stock units vs ordering

    A buddy of mine who helps run a local dealership said that stock orders usually get priority over orders that say, we all make here... so my question is this.. If a stock order gets preferential treatment, what stops them from doing that instead of the consumer order. Does this make sense? LOL
  11. Costco orders

    I have heard/read a few places that you should get better then A/Z pricing going through Costco. Anyone ever used Costco Auto and does anyone know if this is accurate info?