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  1. LED projector upgrades

    Worked like a charm. Crazy. Thanks for posting!!!
  2. LED projector upgrades

    Ok this is wild and probably over my head. I did get things kind of working… I decided to see is this really a coding issue or hardware/wiring issue. I decided to swap #2 and #9 in the C1284 connector. Essentially make the (CTRL MOD, the middle bar) the indicator. And low and behold it works...
  3. LED projector upgrades

    Ok, will give it a shot, I do have a Raptor so I know I am short one wire based on other conversations I’ve seen. Appreciate the help trouble shooting.
  4. LED projector upgrades

    Massively helpful! My plug and play harness has connector C1023 pin #1 pinned to #7 in C1284 instead of shared with Pin #15. Wonder if that could be causing the issue. Or wishful thinking.
  5. LED projector upgrades

    Thanks! QQ, just trying to orient myself to trouble shoot the issue (feel like I’ve eliminated coding based on Hawsa’s excel), for connector C2280F what does position 17 & 6 actually control? Feel like that could have something to do with my overall issue with no indicator but I have them...
  6. LED projector upgrades

    thanks man, yea would be curious to see once you’re back
  7. LED projector upgrades

    All, bringing this old thread back up. Still working through the issue on my indicators not working on raptor headlights. I am at the point where I have cleaned up all the coding and positive it’s correct and have all other features are working bending, brights, etc. If anyone has a good shot...
  8. Help- screwed up forscan

    Thanks. I followed the PR instructions for all harness placement and wiring pretty darn closely. PR provided the HCM so not sure if new vs used.
  9. Help- screwed up forscan

    Final update for the night... Here are all the DTC errors for the HCM. Tested and the only module I can't change values for is the HCM module in forscan. Appreciate any insight folks might have tomorrow. If helpful I have a 800a Raptor so came w/ Bi-LEDs. Harnesses from Precision Retrofits, dont...
  10. Help- screwed up forscan

    Ok, I think I've narrowed it down. The HCM module is the only one not accepting changes. There is an option to reset the module in forscan should I do that? Hoping I didn't somehow brick the HCM
  11. Help- screwed up forscan

    Also, I am now getting "executing service procedure" on forscan which seems to prevent me from making any changes specifically in the HCM module. At a loss, appreciate any insight
  12. Help- screwed up forscan

    Hi all, I was using forscan to update from BI-LED to LEDs and somehow I saved my back up file as .txt. Meaning I can't load it. My brights are working but my DRLs do not work and turns signals do nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe I messed up something when I trying to...
  13. Repinning C2280a connector

    Thanks dolsen. That was my one question actually. The red part looks straightforward does the black cover just pull off or is there a tab or something that needs to be released?
  14. Repinning C2280a connector

    Wow thanks for the quick response guys appreciate it!
  15. Repinning C2280a connector

    I have the precision retrofits HCM harness on the way for adaptive LEDs. Trying to do a little research before it comes in.
  16. Repinning C2280a connector

    Hey all, anyone have a pic or video for disassembling connector C2280a for adding pins. I’ve seen the video for C2280f but can’t seem to find anything for the other. Thx