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  1. So this happened earlier today (hood popped open)

    In my case, the backup safety latch caught the hood when it popped up. So it did work as designed and didn’t fly all the way up and hit the windshield. Hood pins or lanyards would work great for a backup to the backup though.
  2. Show us what your F-150 tows

    20’ Alcom Stealth Custom. Pulls like a dream. Weighs 2,280 lbs. My truck has max tow, scales, and airbags.
  3. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    I know it’s not necessarily an answer to that question, but using the keypad to lock it works immediately after jumping out.
  4. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    I installed a 35 gallon transfer tank in my truck. Extremely happy with how the project turned out. If anyone wants more info, I can make a thread in the towing section. I was thinking about doing that, but this is probably not the most popular mod to do to a half ton gas truck so I didn’t...
  5. 360 Camera Calibration with Forscan

    That was the best I could get it on my truck. That pic was after I ran the calibration. It’s still pretty dang close.
  6. Android Auto and Prompt Volume

    I always just open up a text string then push the voice-to-text microphone button. When that comes up, you can turn down the in-call volume that way. Also not sure if this is the same as the prompt volume.
  7. 360 Camera Calibration with Forscan

    I was able to successfully run the 360 cam calibration (and lane keep calibration) today. Here is what I did for the 360 cal in case it helps anyone. The pictures here pretty much say it all. I actually drove parallel with the parking lines, but there were still a lot of perpendicular lines...
  8. Web Browser exists in Sync4 natively. Just not user launch enabled.

    Looks like the MachE guys figured this out in a similar way from the Sirius login page (which appears Ford has since patched out). They just keep clicking until they get to Google then from there you can go just about anywhere including YouTube and Netflix etc. Essentially the same thing...
  9. Lane Keep Assist (or Lane Centering) now auto-enables with Cruise Control

    Wouldn’t that same thing cause BlueCruise to enable every time we hit the cruise button for those of us with BlueCruise? Or is that a dumb question? 😁 I have always just used that lane button on the steering wheel to essentially control when I want BC on or off.
  10. Programming Auto Parking brake using FORScan

    I wish I could do the opposite and set the parking brake to full manual operation only. Very low priority or problem otherwise though.
  11. OBD Fusion Supports CarPlay

    I came up with an idea combining a couple different phone mounts to get an almost perfect lower right hand side phone mount in my truck if you’d be interested in that info at all. Since CarPlay became a thing, everyone usually just calls me a boomer when they see I have my phone mounted up and...
  12. First tow and my auto leveling lights were blinding

    Bumping. My 2022 has this problem. Luckily I have airbags that I can pump up to solve the problem but I don’t always like to run them up as high as when I’m not towing. My truck does have the headlight recall, but I haven’t done it yet. I thought that was only for the flickering DRL’s which I...
  13. FORScan changes necessary after battery upgrade?

    All you need to do is reset the BMS. I’m guessing that is what you meant when you said you reset the BCM? There is no size configuration in the 14gen trucks. That was a 13gen thing. The only other parameter is type, which should remain as AGM, so no changes there either.
  14. What Rear Shock Upgrade Will Fix My Bumpy Ride?

    That is a bummer you had so many problems and I’m glad you are now past that for the most part. All I was trying to convey is that both the AirLift 5k or the PacBrake kits would have bolted right up to your truck no problem, no modifications needed. Both of those kits have been available since...
  15. Turn signal cams working without trailer

    I bet the 2025 Black Label Aviator has some cool tech in it.
  16. Turn signal cams working without trailer

    Yeah this is no different than any other trailer. You could create a new trailer profile with 1 foot length/width and name it stubby. You would definitely have blis. It also should still calculate your DTE accurately after a while as long as you always select stubby when you start driving.
  17. Turn signal cams working without trailer

    This is turn signal cams working with a trailer still. The trailer just happens to be real small 😁 At some point I wouldn’t be surprised if the gurus figure out how to get it to work without any trailer signal. There has to be some high end Lincoln or something that does it, or will do it.
  18. So this happened earlier today (hood popped open)

    Thanks guys, glad to hear I’m not alone. I’ve never had troubles in the past, and on this truck my hood hasn’t ever been floaty. Both of my 13gens were tho, but they never popped open on the highway! I always do slam it pretty good, guess I’ll add another umph to it. I’ll also check out the...
  19. So this happened earlier today (hood popped open)

    Coming back from an off-road trip, hauling my trailer. Son half asleep in the passenger seat. The warning you hear said “Hood ajar, pull over immediately” or something along those lines. I was confused at first. Hood was fine. Started to pull over, didn’t make it to the shoulder before *pop*...
  20. Disable cornering fog lights on 2023?

    I normally do this with all my trucks, but on the 14th Gen having the fog light on kinda drowns out the LED c-bar on the outer edges and bottoms of them.