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  1. Max tow axle -- is this the normal position?

    Does anyone know if this is the normal position of the axle? Or has it moved into the differential before the bolt breaking. Noticed all of the broken bolt pictures look this way. I know that by the location of where the bolts are broken that it would indicate that the shaft is in the shown...
  2. CSP 22B34

    To all who received the CSP 22B34 letter. Has anyone actually had their axle shafts and hubs replaced under this program if the bolts were still intact? Just putting the feelers out there to see how other dealers are handling this. The letter is conflicting, at least to me.
  3. Boat rack for 12’ aluminum fishing boat?

    Looking for ideas on bringing my 12’ aluminum fishing boat while towing my TT. Thinking of a standard bed rack and crossbar on the roof of the cab. I think just the bed rack alone might not adequately support the front of the boat (5.5’ bed). Looking for input from anyone who brings their boat...
  4. Priority update

    Does anyone know what this update is for?
  5. Underbody insulator recall expanded

    Just got this this morning for my 2021 XLT 301A. 301A was excluded from the previous recall. Look OK so far after 15 months.
  6. Wiper recall

    Just wondering, anybody get notified yet?
  7. What is it?

    Was playing under the truck today and noticed this attached to the fuel tank. Doesn’t seem to have a function. Anyone know?
  8. Siri in Carplay

    Just replaced my Iphone7 with a new 13 and now Siri says can't take instructions while in the vehicle. Worked flawlessly with the old IPhone 7. I must be missing a setting somewhere but can't seem to find it. Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. Installing 2021 bed lighting ?

    Anyone know the procedure for installing the 2 rear bed lights in the 2021. Truck came without them and now that I installed a tonneau cover they sure would come in handy.
  10. FordPass App

    FordPass App shows over the air updates set to manual and schedule not set even though truck settings are in auto with a schedule set. WiFi is working, I can remote start truck & work locks, check oil life, tire pressure etc.
  11. Towing guide GCWR

    Question on the towing guide. Why so many GCWR's listed per axle ratio. for example the 3.55 lists 11. How do you know where your truck falls in?
  12. Wireless CarPlay?

    Just got my new 2021 F150 XLT 301A and have a question about the 8" touchscreen. upon picking up the truck my salesman showed me how to use CarPlay with the USB as he said It wasn't wireless. I was under the impression that sync4 was wireless. Watched the tutorials on YouTube and they are all...