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  1. ‘22/‘23 Lease Payments?

    Placed my order for my 2023 Lariat today. I’ve owned close to a dozen F-Series and at this time, leasing makes more sense for me. Was told price difference for leasing XLT vs. Lariat at this time is +/- $50 of each other.
  2. My 2021 Nightmare..

    Gang, Looking for a little insight. Picked up my 2021 XLT in March of 2021 after waiting over half a year for it. Truck was spec’d exactly how I wanted it and I love(d) it. Less than a year ago, my windshield wipers started going haywire. My 12” display screen also went black. Brought the...
  3. In the wild Avalanche Pics?

    At my local dealer today. 2023 Lariat BAP in Avalanche.
  4. P0456

    Thanks a lot for the insight!
  5. P0456

    Well, threw my first CEL at just over 4,000 miles. Anybody have this? Threw 3 of the same codes. P0456 - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected Anybody had this one? Called Ford and was told it would be a month to get it in. Supposed to be going up north next weekend pulling my trailer.
  6. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    My 2021. I made the mistake years ago of ordering a 157” wheelbase and now I can’t go back!
  7. 2021 F-150 Tremor Spotted Again in the Wild

    I assume it was due to the turn. It did have an extremely noticeable rake that is maybe captured a little better here. Nothing a level cannot fix I guess.
  8. 2021 F-150 Tremor Spotted Again in the Wild

    Spotted this tonight on manufacturer plates in Metro Detroit. Looked phenomenal!
  9. Finally! Delivered..

    Nope! None yet. I’m in Michigan though so it’s inevitable.
  10. Finally! Delivered..

    Well after placing my order on 09/16/2020 (and pretty much being in the dark), I took delivery of my truck on 03/08/2020. It was hard turning in my 2018 F-150. I really, really liked that truck. The interior on these 2021 F-150s are absolutely phenomenal. This alone was worth the upgrade for...
  11. Finally, some hope..

    Well I got the call to come take a look tonight. Explained to him that I’d like to wait for March incentives to which he didn’t bat an eye. The truck is BEAUTIFUL! Everything I wanted. When running lease numbers with my salesman, I made the mistake of having him run a 502A Lariat. Only a $50...
  12. Finally, some hope..

    Truck was built in Kansas City. Ironically, I’m about 5 minutes from the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan.
  13. Finally, some hope..

    Great information! I appreciate it. I’d hope a few days wouldn’t be an issue after the wait for it to come in. I do leave for vacation next Monday so I’m curious when I’ll get the call to tell me it’s ready.
  14. Finally, some hope..

    After religiously checking the tracker daily since I ordered my truck back in September, there’s finally hope! Showing delivered to my dealer on 02/22. I’m almost hoping that they’ll stall enough to get me to March for the incentives. Not what I’d expect to say after waiting 6 months!
  15. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Those with knowledge of the KC plant, am I in the clear? Or am I still at risk of another major delay?
  16. 2021 F-150 have arrived at dealers locally!

    I ordered right around the same time as you. I’m also in Metro Detroit. Was just assigned a VIN last week. Looks like a build date of early February sadly! Congrats on yours!
  17. 2021 F-150 have arrived at dealers locally!

    This makes me rethink going the Sport route..
  18. Trailer Tow Mirror question.

    One of my biggest complaints is not having the option for power fold mirrors on the XLT. I have the tow mirrors on my 2018 now and ordered my 2021 with them, but am so tired of manually opening and closing them to get into gates, car washes, etc. I loved having the power fold option on my past...
  19. 2021 F-150 have arrived at dealers locally!

    Ah. Won’t be able to do that. Was just passing by and wanted to get some photographs.