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  1. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    Ahh, Ok!
  2. Brought 2024 King Ranch F-150 home yesterday.

    Plus your window sticker will confirm if you have, or not CCD--You should know NEVER trust the dealer and what he tells you, do your own research--
  3. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    Did you go to Top Tier website, it will give you all the stations!
  4. Weeping oil drain plug?

    Looks good, but you don't know---I would get another gasket and call it good! should be all you need--I cannot see the plug being bad at all
  5. Overheated Engine to 401 degrees

    #1 thing is you have to figure out "WHY" this happened--its not going to fix itself!!
  6. OEM rotors and pads part #

    I have a 2019 Limited and got the Z36 package F/R off Amazon! All for $492.00 My rear rotors are warped at 35K--so decided to just get the PS, since its much cheaper than OEM and better they say from what I have read
  7. OEM rotors and pads part #

    My F/R Power stop package is headed my way!! only heard great things about them!
  8. New to me 2022 with acouple of issues

    Take it the dealer and show them all the problems and get the recalls done!!! His 3 month 3000 mile warranty means ZERO!! You have Fords warranty and I would highly get the ford ESP from Granger ford--you will pay half of what your dealer will sell it for!
  9. need help! 23 supercharged 5.0 roush

    Lets see here! new 23 with Roush SC-I would take it back to the dealer and let them fix whatever you tried to say!!! I would hope under warranty
  10. Worst Oil Thread Ever - The BakeOff

    4000 mile oil changes are a WASTE of these oils!!! easy 10K oils!! but ok---
  11. Differences 21 f150 vs 23 f150

    Why, cause you don't have one lol?
  12. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Those tires look way to big and out of place on that truck!!
  13. Brakes locked up with warning messages while driving

    And what was the fix the dealer told you, evidently not fixed!
  14. 3.5L EB vs. Supercharged V8

    Amazing what that Whipple will do to a Stock 5.0----
  15. Skipping 2nd gear even in Sport mode

    Yea get yourself a TCM tune--it makes the truck 100% better all around!
  16. 2024 F150 King Ranch Pictures from Houston Auto Show

    THe HUD baby---should have been there 5 years ago!!!
  17. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    Pretty sure wiper blades are not warranty item---they are a wear and tear part? I did change mine to the rain-x and they have been wesome!!
  18. Oil Life indicator

    Yep Forget the OLM and do your own thing, I just keep resetting mine!!! I do my normal XXXXX miles as I been doing with every car for the last 40 years!!!! Notice I didnt put miles for a reason lol!!!
  19. Heated seats temperature setting ?

    Hey boss, can I do this on my 2019!!