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    Take a close look at the Cooper Discovery AT3 4S. I have had them on my last 2 trucks, and they are amazing as a Mountain Peak tire. They are fantastic on the highway, I do a lot of gravel road driving in the mountains and they hold up very well. And, being in the Great White North, I run them...
  2. Getting nothing back on warranty refund

    Lombard mailed me my documents to Canada and anything elseis with email. Don't need to change addresses. It's in Oasis as extended warranty, dealers up here don't care. Ford is paying them for warranty work.
  3. Getting nothing back on warranty refund

    An impassioned plea to all Canadians. Do not buy an extended warranty from a dealer here if you have a friend in the USA. I was looking for an 8 year Premium care 160km 100 deductible warranty, including exterior lights. Local dealer 4700 dollars, LOL. I got mine from Lombard, used a USA...
  4. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    In Canada, you cannot get your license plates without valid proof of insurance. As well you have to carry in most places, a minimum of 1 million in liability. If you are financing your vehicle, you will need collision mandatory as well. A couple provinces have gov't auto insurance and those...
  5. Factory catalytic converter protection

    How is access to the oil drain now? I see others have ground out some space to access the bolt easier.
  6. Ford Performance 20 inch wheels.

    Has anyone installed these and if so, do you have any idea on the offset of them? I am assuming stock offset as factory wheels. If you did get them, how do you like them?
  7. Canadians buying extended warranty from U.S. dealer

    Lombard Ford mailed my documents to my Canadian Address. I do have an alternate Address in the USA as I ended up buying part of an Alpaca Farm in Indiana (don't ask, LOL)
  8. A Bit of Perspective

    Living in Alberta and the tough conditions we have here in the winter, oil field, gas lines, etc. Just go to a motel in the middle of winter and see that Ford outnumbers any other make by 10 to 1. A lot of Superduties for company trucks, that will leave them running for weeks when it is cold...
  9. “System off to save battery” every time I shut off the truck

    Sounds like you have to do what many of us have had to do, go buy an H7 or H8 AGM battery on your own dime and have the issues go away. I did that 4 months ago and haven't had a single issue since I changed the battery.
  10. Tow Mirror disassembly

    I would have assumed most of the main parts are all the same. I have the full power fold/extend tow mirrors and took a rock on the passenger side mirror and you cannot buy the front cover as a part, only the whole mirror, or all the other parts instead. I bought a set of tow mirrors from an XLT...
  11. Tow Mirror disassembly

  12. GPS Messed Up

    Does the Ford App show your truck in the correct location? I never use the crappy Ford Navigation, it has gotten me lost more than it got me to correct locations. I stick to Google Maps and it works great.
  13. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    I wouldn't get anything other than Gatorbacks. Thick and cover a nice area. And they have a lifetime warranty. I backed into a snowbank last winter and ripped one. Called the dealer and had a new replacement in an hour. no charge.
  14. 2014 struts same as 2021 struts? Tried searching

    No. 2014 can only be used on the 2014, they are even different then the 2013 and earlier. 2021 to 2023 are the same
  15. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    I put on Gatorbacks on the day I got my truck, no body screws, stainless brackets, and come with a lifetime warranty against ripping. I backed into a snowbank last winter and it ripped one of them. A simple call and the dealer gave me a brand new one for free.
  16. Replacement part for tow mirror bottom cover?

    And I do have a drivers side XLT tow mirror with Camera for sale now, as I only needed the passenger side.
  17. Replacement part for tow mirror bottom cover?

    A rock was thrown up from a truck ahead of me and put a hole in the front of my tow mirror, just below the cap. You cannot buy just that part alone, even though you can buy just about everything else for the mirror. I have full power fold and extend and the dealer wanted a fortune just for one...
  18. Factory catalytic converter protection

    For those of you with a 5.0, did you grind the plate to get easier access to the drain plug, and if you did, where did you need to grind? I was thinking of simply putting in a Fumoto valve, but don't know what one to use? What valve has anyone with a 5.0 use?
  19. Canadian extended warranty dealer?

    My Canadian FordPass just shows the new waaranty, not the extended, but it is in Oasis and shows up on all my servicing paperwork,
  20. Canadian extended warranty dealer?

    I didn't use the Ford Site, I just went through Lombard Ford and gave them a US address that I have.