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  1. Bak X4s and Truxedo sentey in cold weather

    I've had my X4S freeze shut a couple times, but wasn't too hard to remedy. I also know what causes it and if I know I'm going to need in the bed take preventative action to avoid it now. When it rains, some water gets in the rails, and it can take a day or two to dry, depending on temperature...
  2. On board Power

    Depending on the current draw, you may even be able to run it in the cab without turning on full generator mode.
  3. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    I've lifted and moved a lot of heavy stuff before I got my truck, and a couple things since getting it. I'd be hesitant to try to move a 450# safe with a clone of myself unless it was only 10' away. Lifting 200 lbs is one thing. Lifting and carrying it is something else entirely. I'd want at...
  4. Stopping Tailgate Bounce

    This weekend I was hauling some furniture and my bed ramp was over the open tailgate by a few inches, so the tailgate was bouncing the entire ride. Has anyone used a tailgate support/bar to lock the tailgate into position? For a reasonable price, I'd like to get something to have on hand if I...
  5. PowerBoost Won’t Go Into Electric Mode

    Did you get an OTA recently? If so, was the update for the PCM? PCM updates require the truck to get to full operating temp before it will go to electric only again.
  6. Wow. Power seats very noticeably reduce driver leg room 🤪. Is there a work around ?

    I'm short of your height and leg length by 1". In my Lariat, if I adjusted the seat to where I could stretch my legs fully without touching the pedals, I couldn't reach the steering wheel. I can stretch my legs enough that I have no issues on longer trips, and this is by far the roomiest front...
  7. Bed or receiver mount crane?

    If it has wheels, why not get a ramp to go to into the bed and then you could either just push/pull it into the bed manually or set up a system to pull it up via the existing tie downs.
  8. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    My Surface Pro 6 and W11 works just fine as well. Biggest issue is only one USB port, but it isn't the end of the world even if you don't have a USB hub to get more ports.
  9. What's up with Top Tier gas?

    Maybe all the companies are colluding together to milk consumers just because they can. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄
  10. Full Backup Of Existing Settings?

    You could pull every module individually with Forscan, or download the data from Motorcraft. I'm not sure there is any other option really. To play it safe, do both.
  11. OEM rotors and pads part #

    If you never had brake fade, your rotors didn't get hit enough to warp, and even with loss of brakes it probably still wasn't hot enough. It is likely poor wear, a manufacturing defect, or uneven pad deposits on the rotors causing pulsing.
  12. Brake Pad Life on a 2021 Powerboost

    I know this thread is a few months old, but when I changed my oil and rotated my tires at ~29k mi, my front outside pads are down to a few mm of pad left. I didn't check the inside to see if both sides are wearing evenly. I plan and doing front pads/rotors this spring at ~40k when I change the...
  13. DRL Headlight Flicker

    There is a TSB or recall related to flickering of lights. I'm not sure if it's when the truck is on or off, but it's a software update fix. Not sure if it's applicable to your truck, but a trip to the dealer is likely in order.
  14. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    On a Powerboost, you'd likely be ok. Regular ICE trucks, make sure your battery is at 100% before you start and if you have to do a long CAN update, maybe either start with it or give the battery time to recharge if you've been going for a little bit.
  15. IT'S FIXED>>>>>>Pro Power Onboard keep turning off while driving with nothing plugged into outlets

    Most parts typically have a warranty period. Are you within that? It really sounds like the dealer is trying to find an excuse not to fix your problem. One thing I'd look at is the connections behind the panel and make sure they're seated properly and that the o-rings aren't damaged or out of...
  16. IT'S FIXED>>>>>>Pro Power Onboard keep turning off while driving with nothing plugged into outlets

    I think the TSB came out in 2022. I could see the dealership needing to perform the TSB before replacing the panel again, but if it's still happening after the TSB fix, I see no reason they couldn't replace it a second time.
  17. State Farm Monster Loss Announced ~Insurance

    We got a letter in the mail that our insurer filed for an ~40% rate hike. I'd guess they'll get at least 10-15% approved. It's not one company or one state, though some states and policy types are worse than others.
  18. Quickjack lift point spread

    If I recall looking at my truck, your picture is of the rear lift point. Why not split the difference and have the front 1½" ahead of the arrow and the rear the same amount behind? Going a little wider should make for a slightly more stable lift versus being narrower than the lift points...
  19. Forscan issue...procedure interrupted

    Rather than doing "write all", just right the block(s) with the change in it. There should be a write button close to the line you made the change, use that instead. You could also check that you're on the latest version. If so and you have a subscription, reach out to the Forscan team and they...
  20. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Furniture moving day. First time I got to use my elastic cargo net and it was great.