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  1. How big is your garage?

    Just big enough.
  2. Apex protection plan

    Second the Grainger option. I have it as well. Seamless process.
  3. Found Tube under intercooler disconnected on new F150 Lariat HEV

    Funny, I have a 2021 and found the same issue. I forgot why I saw it. Reconnected and have never had any issues, so guess it was fine.
  4. Let's see those hunter success stories- truck beds with trophies. Share your hunt bounty...

    In my 40’s and got this small 10 pointer last year as my first deer ever. Heading out again in a month.
  5. Powerboost Fan Running Constantly Whilst in Generator Mode

    Truly was. Annoyed us when we were outside relaxing. We know how the cabs get so hot when in generator mode, so I set the A/C to 80 to keep it under control. Thanks to everyone who help out us less in the know.
  6. Powerboost Fan Running Constantly Whilst in Generator Mode

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you. It did turn off.
  7. Powerboost Fan Running Constantly Whilst in Generator Mode

    Quick question as it’s been a while since I have ran my travel trailer with my Powerboost. The engine fan runs constantly even when the ICE is not running. I don’t remember it doing that but I could be wrong. Is this normal spec for the Powerboost? It is mildly annoying. Mine is a job 1 2021. TIA
  8. Dash main console rubber liner

    Not apples to apples, but my 2021 Lariat has one.
  9. Beat the double honk without forscan.

    If anyone wants to lend a hand in Austin and disable mine, I’d be happy to work something out.
  10. Truck Not Shutting off in Generator Mode

    What was the resolution for your problem?
  11. Double-Honk When Door Closed While Truck Is On

    Haha. Well it works. I’m sure a lot of folks on this forum knew that tip, but I had no clue. Works flawlessly, but I still see the issue if you aren’t paying total attention.
  12. Double-Honk When Door Closed While Truck Is On

    Wait, surely this is false, cos everyone is ignoring this comment. I’m gonna have to check this…..
  13. Opinions on Using Eco Idle?

    Same for me. When we lost power in Austin for a few days, I’d run Eco Idle during the day. But when we would go to bed, I’d turn it off.
  14. Whats the point of hybrid?

    Took delivery of my 2021 Lariat Powerboost in August 2021. Job 1 build. Pretty much anytime I look down at the trip averages, it’s right at 18mpg. I’ve never sniffed 24mpg.
  15. Whats the point of hybrid?

    I’m in Austin. I have no mechanical mods and I average around 18 mpg. I believe you’re in Texas as well.
  16. Truck Not Shutting off in Generator Mode

    Perfect. I just saw this. Please do let us know what they did once yours is fixed.
  17. ProPower MiniFridge

    I just ran a chest freezer for four hours down the freeway. Pulling less than 250 watts the whole way. Both truck and freezer had no issues. Knock on wood going back home with my deer haul.
  18. Truck Not Shutting off in Generator Mode

    Joined this forum so I could specifically reply to this thread. I have a 2021 Powerboost and experienced the same issue. Was powering my travel trailer and it was a warm night. Truck said engine running due to engine being cold but that was not accurate. Turned off the truck, let sit for a...