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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could I get mine checked when someone has a chance. 1FTFW1E8XMKD19798 thanks and Happy Easter.
  2. 360 Camera Calibration with Forscan

    I was thinking we may need to use FDRS to do the 360 calibation.
  3. 360 Camera Calibration with Forscan

    I am having the same problem. Hopefully some one can give us some insight.
  4. 2023 F150 3.5 ecoboost Max Towing capacity

    Disclaimer. This is all based on my research and understanding. Please only tow with what you are Comfortable and safe with.
  5. 2023 F150 3.5 ecoboost Max Towing capacity

    Based on fords documentation the 53A package that you and the OP didn't get is 3 things. Brake controller. Led Tail lights. Trailer Backup assist. The only thing holding you back from towing more than 7,000 pounds is being able to stop that load.
  6. 2023 F150 3.5 ecoboost Max Towing capacity

    Based on The ford towing Calculator the OP's truck has GCWR of 16,800 pounds. To me it looks like his truck can handle it but cant stop it. Then you add the Brake controller to stop the load. I do agree that the OP might have problems trying to pull it up a wet Slimy ramp with out 4WD and the...
  7. 2023 F150 3.5 ecoboost Max Towing capacity

    Seems like the only Difference is a trailer brake controller which you already have.
  8. 2023 F150 3.5 ecoboost Max Towing capacity

    I ran your VIN in Fords towing calculator. Here is a screen shot. And here is the info on the 53A
  9. 2021 Pro Trailer Backup Assist - Sensor or Stickers?

    The trick to get the Sticker to calibrate is you have to drive in a circle when it asks to turn. The sticker does work ok, I have it on my waverunner trailers and my cargo trailer. Cons of the Stickers 1. The main issues with the stickers is if its dark outside it wont pickup sometimes 2. If...
  10. I want too pull 10000 lb. Toy Hauler with 23 F-150 and 4 inch BDS Lift LOL

    I have a 21 F150 with Max tow package, My door sticker max pay load is 1592, I am towing a 2019 Heartland Fuel F250. It is normally Loaded with my motorcycle, my wife's motorcycle and all our stuff its just above 9,000 pounds. I took my rig to the cat scales to verify everything. I do have a...
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could you pull mine please. 1FTFW1E8XMKD19798 Thank you.
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could I get a FDRS check also please. 1FTFW1E8XMKD19798.
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Happy New year, Could you check mine also and thank you. 1FTFW1E8XMKD19798.
  14. Ford Power-Up 6.3.0 SYNC version 23291

    I noticed on 6.3 that Under towing I now have a Maintenance tab. For Bearing service and a ton of other things based on the towing mileage and time.
  15. Show us what your F-150 tows

    2019 FUEL 250, Loaded with 2 motorcycles.
  16. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    1FTFW1E8XMKD19798 Can I get mine checked, not sure if its time to renew license or wait. Thanks
  17. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    looks like a xxx2 means climate bar. You should try xxx3 keeps the climate bar and removes blackbox.
  18. 10800 lbs to Utah a full report (towing 27' sandsport toy hauler with 3.5L PowerBoost)

    Just curios what is everybody running for tire load range? I am pulling a 2019 Fuel 250 toy hauler around 7,500# using a Propride hitch. with stock 20" Pirellis SL rated. Pulls great at 45psi and at 70mph. Getting around 7 mpg. Feels like I need more tire sidewall strength tho.
  19. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could I get mine checked please 1FTFW1E8XMKD19798 I did get the update 22-PU1007-DOR-UP I told it to install and it went through successful but it still shows in the app as being scheduled.