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  1. Interstate VS Duracell?

    Interstate batteries are pretty solid and are considered the battery battery in my area.
  2. Picked up my 2024 Ford F-150 King Ranch from World Ford Pensacola

    Is that white with back bottom? Can’t quite tell on my monitor
  3. When to do first oil change

    Motorcraft oil filters are crap these days. Go look at all the tears and sloppy glue issues at BITOG. Plus it isn’t the best for filtration either. Get a Fram Enduarnce and call it a day.
  4. Wow. Power seats very noticeably reduce driver leg room 🤪. Is there a work around ?

    I don't share your concern. I came from a STX with manual seats and was constantly aggravated with the lack of adjustments. I now have an XLT with power seats and can get it exactly as I prefer. There is no reduced range of seating positions...that doesn't even make logical sense. The manual...
  5. Camping with Rightline 5.5’ truck bed tent on my 2021 F-150

    I just bought the one (Napier, I believe) that is on Ford's accessories website with FordPass points. Got a truck air mattress from Amazon to with it. Can't wait to try it out!
  6. Fixing an uneven back seat

    What did you use for shims?
  7. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    How are you folks getting this? I haven’t gotten an email or a button in the app and I just updated it today.
  8. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    I am completely stock, 3:31 gears, and drive very conservatively. All I do.
  9. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    I have found that the Eco mode helps mpg slightly in city driving. That is the only time I use it now. In hwy driving, I get my best mileage in Normal mode. I currently get 25 to 26 hwy drive to work. Combined with city, about 23-24.
  10. Odd vibration noise from weatherstripping at Highway speed?

    Could you post pictures of where and what exactly you did? I would appreciate it greatly.
  11. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    So is this update for Android only? I'm not seeing any update in the App Store for the iPhone version.
  12. Low RPM, Low Load Shudder and Misfire

    Still doing okay since coil and plug replacement? I am having this issue on my new 23 with only 1,300 miles.
  13. New Truck Warranty Wrong?

    Dealership did just as someone earlier posted: For incentive purposes and their quota, they put it “in-service” on the October date. Since it is only 4 months off, I just asked what they were going to do to take care of me and they offered and I took a Ford ESP warranty extension. Signed and...
  14. New Truck Warranty Wrong?

    So did mine...and it was correct. That is why there is an issue. Paperwork is correct, the Ford dashboard on their website and FordPass app show the incorrect date. I'm not an idiot.
  15. New Truck Warranty Wrong?

    I read all of my paperwork. Nothing in the paperwork indicated this issue.
  16. New Truck Warranty Wrong?

    But was this loss of warranty disclosed to you? It wasn’t to me. I wouldn’t have even thought to ask because the truck has 11 miles and is new.
  17. New Truck Warranty Wrong?

    The window sticker date is 9/21/23. I also made a small mistake in my post. It had 5 miles on it when it was delivered, when I purchased it there was 11 miles and that is also what is on the contract.