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  1. Shifter +/-

    I use that function regularly when descending hills, keep kicking the shifter lower to lock the transmission from shifting up, this reduces the need to use the brakes as much as the engine compression / tranny combo holds back the weight of the vehicle better preventing going down the hill like...
  2. Bed or receiver mount crane?

    Was in the process of designing and building one and then noticed a few years later and before I could get around to actually building one that Princess Auto had a similar design already made https://www.princessauto.com/en/1000-lb-truck-hitch-mount-crane/product/PA0008819849
  3. Why is Max Trailer Tow Package not available with the 18” Chrome-like wheels?

    Last few trucks I have had, the tires were 20" and was advised not to put less than 18" tires on it as the brakes were larger and would not fit smaller rims than the 18's but that the 20's were preferred.
  4. 2024 Navigation Now Subscription Based Only

    Got my email Mar 15, connected navigation services expire on Apr 15, and it is only a measly $120.00 CDN a year to keep it going., here in the great white North. Got the truck in August 2023 so only got 8 months trial if that!
  5. “System off to save battery” every time I shut off the truck

    Bart Had similar going on with my 2021 F150 Lariat I purchased used in August 2023, turned out the dealer had replaced the battery about a year ago (Dec 2022) and had put in a non AGM battery that said right on it, "not for use with stop start enabled vehicles". I purchased a H8 battery in...
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Have not seen any signs of an OTA update since you and Jessie helped me out with the failed update last October and the sync screen is showing the same info still on version 23159. Dealer did not attempt any updates, they just fixed the mechanical issues in January to replace the HVAC knobs...
  7. Pro Power Onboard Service Required error message

    All fine and dandy, but had to pull the dash apart to get at the plug. Now if the tech had opened his eyes when he restarted the truck, he would have noticed the error message right away. Overall am happy with the dealers service, they did fix the error, and paid for the H8 battery that I had...
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Had my truck at the dealers Friday to fix the Boo-Boo they did in not reconnecting the Propower properly while they had the dash apart to warranty the HVAC vents that the knobs had broken off before I had purchased the truck. Dealer said that the truck tried to do an update on the APIM Jan 26th...
  9. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    Pulled into a parking spot at the Ford Dealership and found I was parked right next to another F150 Lariat FX4 Off Road Fishing Edition. This one is a 2023, 5'5 box.
  10. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    So dealer pulled the dash again, far enough to get to the connecter that looked like it was plugged in, but turned out it was not fully seated. ProPower is now fully functional! On a side note, they covered the cost of the H8 battery I had purchased and installed the battery cover under warranty.
  11. Pro Power Onboard Service Required error message

    Update, the tech had not fully seated a plug on the wiring harness, took longer to take the dash apart than to push the plug together!
  12. Pro Power Onboard (Service Required)

    Update, dealer dealt with the Propower fault, it was a connection to the front outlet that was not fully seated in the socket. Took more time to get the dash apart than it did to push the plug together.
  13. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    I always aim for the middle of the mall parking lot, that is the least used section and far enough away for the anchor stores to avoid the crowded masses. Yup have to push my buggy a bit further, but less chances of getting boxed in. Never used or wanted the park assist, but I'm sure that Ford...
  14. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    I am by far the least knowledgably on Forskin! I bought the OBDLink EX Downloaded the Forscan app and got the two month license then blindly went at it, only used the easy method and did a few changes, including where it said to enable the glare free lighting. After closing Forscan realized...
  15. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    With my 2021 Lariat 502A, I had to use Forscan to enable (unlock) the Anti Glare Lighting. Once I did that the Anti Glare lighting showed up in Sync and then I could go into Sync and turn them on.
  16. F-150 Lariat Motion Alarm

    EXTERIOR ZONE LIGHTING SETTINGS Press Features on the touchscreen. Press Zone Lighting. Press the settings menu in the upper right-hand corner. Press a setting. Enable Autolamp Override This setting allows your vehicle to override the autolamps when using zone lighting. When you access...
  17. F-150 Lariat Motion Alarm

    WHAT ARE THE ALARM SECURITY LEVELS You can select two levels of alarm security, all sensors and perimeter sensing. All Sensors All sensors is the standard setting. In all sensors, all equipped sensors are on when you arm the alarm. Note: Do not arm the alarm with all sensors if passengers...
  18. F-150 Lariat Motion Alarm

    Thanks, will review it, just took me by surprise and really could not deal with it on the ferry, in the middle of the lake, especially when ferry captain was running "dark mode" and flashes of light throw off the night vision.