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  1. Pictures of aftermarket wheels showing poke.

    Does anybody have a aftermarket 20x9 +20 offset wheel with the standard tire size 275x60x20 on their truck... trying to get a feeling for the poke... ideally I would like the poke to be as close to the standard tire / wheel offering as possible but most of the wheels I like are 20x9 +20...
  2. Guide to reading the Ford F-150 Vehicle Order Tracking website

    Guidance on how to read the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking website Once the order is submitted to Ford the Order Confirmed status will be circled, checked and the order date will be listed above. Once your order is scheduled to production week or day (don’t remember) the Scheduled for production...
  3. Ford Tray style Floor Mats with the foldable lockable storage

    Has any one received there truck with the Ford Tray style Floor Mats and the Loclable storage. If so, could you please post a few pictures of the Mats in the truck.