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  1. 400w in cabin outlets

    I constantly use my in cabin outlets to charge my Dewalt batteries on my 21 Lariat. I've never had an issue. I'm an electrician by trade, and it appears to me that you might actually have a grounding issue. I'd check all connections from the inverter up to the outlets.
  2. Question about something a ford tech told me

    Short answer, your tec is wrong. I installed Amp running boards when new which hook directly to the battery. When my stop/start quit working my battery was replaced without questions. It has since been replaced again and without questions. 21 Lariat. The problem is in the charging scenario. The...
  3. My view settings constantly reseting

    That must be terribly frustrating. It happens to me every time an OTA update hits my truck. It is definitely not normal for your truck to do that. Wish I could help.
  4. 21 F-150 Relocation (extension) of OME Tailgate Camera Cables Help Needed

    I bought an ARE construction shell for my 21 Lariat. I bought the optional camera package along with electric locks for the shell doors. They offered to install everything for $75 and I wasn't going to argue with that! Turns out the camera package included a housing and cable only as I...
  5. Yellow to red blinkers

    Consider looking at Underground Lighting. They have bright LED bulbs with the resistor built into them. I run them on my 21 Lariat front turn signals.
  6. Electric Running Board Height

    My 21 Lariat was specifically ordered without running boards. I purchased the Amp Running Boards and the drop really far. It's been over 2 years and zero issues. My salesman was surprised and he has a platinum like yours. Be prepared to drop some change because they are not cheap.
  7. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    I don't have Park assist on my 21 Lariat, but I do have the P button. It turns off the front sensors on my truck.
  8. HUD (Heads up Display) availability

    I noticed that the F-150 LED website has a cheaper HUD unit that uses the obd2 port. It is kind of ugly, but does do the job.
  9. Improving garage door opener signal?

    Mine works several houses down the street. 21 Lariat
  10. Selling tailgate?

    I've been looking ever since I bought my truck in 21 for a tailgate wiring harness with no luck. I need the connectors to rig up the lights on my commercial shell. I don't want to take mine apart as I will use it occasionally when I remove the shell to haul my RZR.
  11. Sudden Speed Change on Adaptive Cruise

    A recent update turned on the automatic speed recognition. You can still have adaptive cruise control and speed sign recognition. Just turn off the automatic speed setting on your infotainment screen.
  12. How to turn off the lights down by the feet and in the door panels?

    My guess would be through an update. Often, when I get an update the radio channel and climate controls will be different from where they were previously.
  13. What’s this thing from? Pretty sure it’s not from a curling iron…

    It's hard to tell the size, but if it's small (3/4" ish) it could be the rear door bumper. I have a supercab, so they may be different on a four door, but mine came off during a wipe down after a car wash.
  14. How to get to 2021 f150 quad led plug

    When I installed mine, i removed the front section of screws on the wheel well liner allowing me to access the side marker light wiring. It was a fight, but it was successful.
  15. Side vent lighting

    I installed them on my 21 Lariat. You have to use the side marker wiring which is really short. I did it above the fender skirt, but it was a difficult install. Couldn't figure out how to remove the headlight without getting into the grill, etc. I really like mine and in the end it was worth it...
  16. Maryland Lariat 502A LED Headlights

    FYI, I just had the body shop replace my driver's side headlight assembly on my 21 Lariat 501A. It was billed out at $1222.67.
  17. Power Tailgate removal and rear 360 cam relocation

    I removed my tailgate for a commercial top with rear doors. I ordered the camera kit with my ARE shell. It included everything except the camera itself which they removed from my tailgate. I get a message in reverse that guidance is unavailable and I don't have the rear zone light. Shell has...