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  1. Good news/bad news with latest BCM update

    So, I tempted fate installing the latest BCM update on my 2021 Job 1 Lariat PB (501a). The software installation seemed to go fine, but part way through restoring/configuring modules, it failed. Pics attached. The truck seems to work OK, including the LED lights. But I'd like to get this...
  2. I'm A P*ssy

    So I installed the IPC, PSCM, and IPMA updates for my 2021 Job 1 501A Lariat today - flawlessly. But I still can't bring myself to install the BCM update. I just don't see any benefit, but lots of risk. Anyone want to try to convince me otherwise?
  3. Can't delete VINs in FDRS

    With the latest version (37.4.7) I'm unable to delete VINs in FDRS (I've looked up other peoples' trucks, but can't get rid of the VINs). Anyone else experiencing this? Any fix?
  4. New GWM update for 2021 truck in FDRS?

    Any thoughts on this one? I was up-to-date on the APIM and everything seems to be working ok so always tentative installing a new update. This one includes: MU5T-14H152-PAE (BOOT IMAGE) MU5T-14H027-PAE (IMAGE) ML3T-14H021-PBF (STRATEGY) ML3T-14J007-PBE (ECU CONFIGURATION) ML3T-14J009-PBE (ECU...
  5. Is the latest APIM update a good one to stay away from?

    Just showed up in FDRS for my 2021 Powerboost. Seems like it may have broken cameras-in-motion for quite a few folks. Feedback welcomed before I do the install.
  6. Third axle? How about one that doesn’t snap bolts first

    Ha ha. https://www.thedrive.com/news/ford-wants-to-offer-a-bolt-on-third-axle-for-the-f-150
  7. FDRS/Ford "Identification Service" Creeping Me Out

    FDRS isn't running on my windows laptop, but three programs named "Ford Identification Service" are, and they use a lot of resources while running. What are these things doing? Yikes.
  8. Feedback on ProPower fuel usage

    Just wanted to share our experience this weekend using ProPower (7.2kw version) to power our 20 foot Airstream at a mountain bike race. Temperatures ranged from 36 to a very sunny 78, so a mix of heating and A/C, plus cooking a couple meals with the microwave, lights on, water pump on, and used...
  9. Key Fobs are Tougher Than They Look...

    Couldn't find mine the other day, even though it has an Apple Tag on it. Well, I found it. It went through a full washer cycle and didn't miss a beat...
  10. Any news on when SecuriAlert will return?

    Still missing/disabled in my FordPass app for my 2021. I'm 100% up to date with OTA and other software updates.
  11. Cameras in motion gone after most recent Sync update

    So, I had it working just fine, and went to use it today and noticed that it'll only show the tailgate camera view when moving. I'm on Sync 22293 (full screen Carplay working great). I have Forscan and FDRS licenses. It is the same change via Forscan as before?
  12. Oh no...another dreaded BCM update has appeared today...

    ...for my 2021 Job 1 Powerboost. Last time I installed a BCM update it bricked my truck...
  13. New APIM update popped up in FDRS today?

    Just saw a new APIM update today. I already had full screen CarPlay, Unreal engine, and other goodies. Does anyone know what this one contains? @Jesse-Infotainment any ideas?
  14. Pennsylvania Fox 2.0/Roush Suspension Kit for Powerboost

    Selling a lightly used front and rear Roush suspension kit. Already set to Powerboost spring perch height. Pennsylvania - Selling Roush/Fox 2.0 Suspension Kit For 2015+ trucks | F150gen14.com -- 2021+ Ford F-150, Lightning EV, Raptor Forum (14th Gen) | Owners, News, Discussions
  15. Pennsylvania Selling Roush/Fox 2.0 Suspension Kit For 2015+ trucks

    Includes both front and rear components and Roush guards for the rear shocks. They were on my 2021 Powerboost and are set to the proper spring height for that truck, but the front spring perch can easily be moved 5/8" for non-Powerboost trucks. They have about 6000 miles on them and are in...
  16. Swapping out Grabber AT/X's for Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus E's

    The Grabbers came on my Roush wheels and initially they were OK. As the miles added up (only about 10,000 thus far), they started to develop a vibration (vehicle has been aligned and tires balanced) and wet traction seemed to get considerably worse as the siping wore off. And fuel mileage...
  17. 2021 Powerboost - DTC U061E - Auxilary Battery Isolator - Safe to drive?

    This code just popped up on my 2021 Job 1 Powerboost. I have it scheduled for service Monday, but my question is whether it is OK to drive with this DTC active? Here's some additional info on a related TSB: MC-10214160-0001.pdf (nhtsa.gov)
  18. GWM update popped up for Job 1 '21

    I'm really gun shy at this point about updating anything after the BCM debacle that bricked my truck. Does anyone have any insight as to what's in the GWM update?
  19. DELETE: Resolved

    Update: resolved. Jesse worked some magic that helped get the truck into a functional state. Rick