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  1. Ford Trucks OE Tool Roll Up Kit

    The kid carrying the box out to curbside pickup demands lawyer pay for McDonalds class work... probably also needs hazard pay in case the sun comes out and gives the little pasty white kid a severe sunburn and there is always a chance of being hit by a nearly blind old dude test driving his new...
  2. Black Exhaust Tip

    And yet they choke the diesels down so much with the DPF and emissions that the exhaust tip stays 100% clean. Their is zero black soot on my chrome tip from the baby diesel engine.
  3. FORscan Houston?

    The double honk delete and getting rid of the "full view not available" are simple changes but my mongoose adapter is stuck in my truck in the service department as usual.
  4. Ford Trucks OE Tool Roll Up Kit

    Is it 100% not made in China? I go out of my way to not support China!
  5. Driver side window won’t go down all the way

    The initialization in FDRS took care of this problem on mine after I updated the modules for both doors.
  6. Defective Truck 120+ Days In Service Department

    Ford is fighting with me and refusing a buyback and the dealership while being instructed by Fords engineering team still has no idea how to fix this truck so this will be the last Ford I ever own unless Ford steps up and replaces it in a goodwill gesture. I have bought 3 brand new Ford...
  7. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    If I remember correctly, it learns the upper and lower extents of the window travel and calibrates it. Mine had an issue where it always stayed up almost an inch when rolled down and the initialization fixed the problem after updating the modules and then running it afterwards.
  8. Early (Job1?) 2021 models, without having purchased an extended BlueCruise subscription, no longer have hands-free available

    My BlueCruise should be expired long ago and FordPass shows I need to activate it but it just keeps working and is really nice to have in stop and go Houston traffic.
  9. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    On a side note, do dealers access the warranty service history of a vehicle when figuring a trade in value?
  10. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I was really hoping that Ford could see everything this truck was unhappy about from the moment the battery was connected and lit up its systems... 60 days should be well enough for my case plus the paperwork from the dealership service department but a lifetime DTC report would guarantee my...
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    @rugedraw I just submitted a buyback request on my broken truck. Does Ford have access to the DTCs reported by the truck since it first had battery power connected to it or is it a limited amount of time?
  12. Ford Emblem for Platinum Tailgate in Black

    I got my metal inset letters from the dealership and the color was gun metal. https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/accessories/other-accessories/f-150-2021-2022-gunmetal-platinum-lettering-tailgate-badge-p-vml3z9942528c?pdp=y
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    They said it was fixed. Guess I won't worry about updating any modules.
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Started it this morning and it's still not fixed... waiting for the dealership to call me back.
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    It always feels strange to drive it since I am used to being in service loaners.
  16. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Happy Friday @rugedraw! I finally have my truck sitting back in the driveway and it shows a failed update again. Can you see the reason it failed? I assume the dealership let my battery run down sitting in the parking lot for 50 days. VIN 1FTFW1E13MFB77676
  17. Random F-150 Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    The baby diesel made a rare appearance in the driveway.
  18. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Welcome back @rugedraw! I hope you enjoyed you much needed vacation. Can you pull my window sticker for me with vin 1FTFW1E13MFB77676.
  19. Random F-150 Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    It's been broken for 140 days so this is my view!