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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks in advance for any help looking up my 2022 PB. I have the ghost update since mid December that never goes away VIN: 1FTFW1ED3NFB34841 I need to go to the dealer for a few recalls so want to know what else might be 'wrong' with the OTA update system that I can press them to resolve.
  2. Powerboost squeak normal?

    I have a squeak in the opposite transition: battery -> ICE. I have not yet taken to the dealership, but I pity the person there who tries to tell me that is “normal.”
  3. Ford Power-Up 6.2.0

    6.2 yesterday on 2022 Platinum PowerBoost seems to have broken streaming SiriusXM channels. 750something for example sigh…
  4. Advice Request: PB at airport parking for multiple days

    Another vote for "don't worry about it." I parked my other car at the airport, but '22 PB was parked at home for two weeks. zero issues. Modern cars typically (BMW, anyway) go into deep sleep and shed unnecessary power consumption when not used. And PB has separate 12v system anyway. Safe...