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  1. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    I want to switch to a low road noise, smother riding summer tire. I did a lot of looking and want to pull the trigge the Michelin Defender LTX 2. When I originally ordered the truck, I ordered it with LT tires and It came with LT265/70R18 General Grabbers. I ran them for 2 summers and they are...
  2. Changes with Sync Ver 23291 Rev 1049

    I noticed that my back up camera view would turn off very soon, within a few seconds, after putting the truck back into drive. I went through the sync menus looking to make sure the Camera Delay was turned on. I could not find it. Does anyone know if this has been removed or am I just blind and...
  3. New Ford Pass Update - 4.30.0-2021116

    Just downloaded this FP update last night. I do not see any thing different or changed. Or is this not that new, just to me it is?
  4. Drivers Door Rattle - Need A Fix

    My 21 XLT has developed a rattle in the drivers door, when going over a sharp bump in the road, in the area of the handle and window switches. I have had it to my dealer three times now. As of the last time they worked on it, the rattle was gone, I thought for good. But, it returned yesterday. I...
  5. Ford Introducing the NEW F 50 Short Box 4x4 (Tongue in cheek)

    Ford induces the new F 50, direct competition with Dodge and Chevy. I just saw this and had to share it.
  6. Ford Canada Compared To Ford US Web Sites Rant.

    Hey Ford.... why does your US web site have much more information than the Canadian web site? I have accounts on both, for the same truck, and the US side is 10x's better. For exmple - On the US side, I can update my service records and print them out if I want. Cdn side...not a option. When I...
  7. No Key Detected Error

    Over the last couple of weeks or so, I have been getting, the odd time, a "No Key Detected" error. I have changed the battery in the flob, which is in my right hand pants pocket, approx 8 inches away from the transducer under the cup holder. I have started the truck, then get the error, but I...
  8. Summer Tire Reconditions

    I ordered my truck with the LT tires ( hind site I should not have) and it came with General Grabbers, 265/70/18. I have a set of DuraTracs, the same size bought in 2012, for the winter on 2010 Ford rims and TPM's. The DuraTraac's need to be replaced as I have used them on my '06 and '11 F150's...
  9. Canada 2021 XLT Factory LH Sun Visor

    Replaced my original sun visor with a sun visor with built in Homelink. Medium Dark Slate LH visor with built in mirror from my XLT, in like new condition. Non smoking truck. Ford P/N JL3Z-1504105-CG. List $168.00 - asking $100.00 plus shipping (~$30.00). Canadian funds.
  10. Canada Sold: Visor with Homelink - Med Slate

    Looking for LH medium Slate visor with Homelink. Ford P/N JL3Z-1504105-ZB. Manitoba
  11. Can the backseat fold down by releasing the catch in a 21 XLT supercab like in a supercrew?

    I have looked for the release in my truck, but can't find one. The back seat does not move when the bottom seat is flipped up. Has anyone been able to do so?
  12. Service not showing up on Ford Pass

    I have had 2 oil changes done by my dealer and both do not show up on my Ford Pass. I was under the impression that all work done at a Ford dealer would show up on the app. I called my service dept. and they have no idea how this works. Does anyone know if the dealer has to subscribe to this...
  13. Sync Menu Tree

    I am looking for a flowchart of the menu trees on my 21 F150 XLT. 302A both for the Sync 4 and dash. If someone can post a link or supply a PDF file would be appreciated. I getting tired of trying to find a setting and end up going through a bunch of different screens trying to find what I want...
  14. Installing an Electronic Rust Protection Module

    I am from Manitoba and up here the highways department use a lot of salt on the roads to melt the ice during the winter. I am thinking of installing an electronic rust protection module on my 21 XLT 302a. I know the body is aluminum, but there is still a lot of steel parts that do rust. I am...
  15. Installing Ford's HomeLink in a XLT.

    I asked this same question a few months back and just wondering if anyone has installed a HomeLink opener in their XLT? IF so, what had to be done to add it to your truck? I feel this option should be included in the XLT 302 A trim anyways.
  16. Chrome pealing off tow hooks

    I was cleaning my truck over the weekend and noticed the chrome was pealing off the tow hooks. I have never used them since I have had the truck. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Taking the truck to the dealer today as they have to take pictures and send to Ford.
  17. Trailer Light Check with Ford Pass App

    I have a small utility trailer I use once in awhile and use the Ford App to check the trailer lights. When doing so, the tail lights light up on the truck and not the trailer. The turn signals and brake light check works fine. Had it into the dealer and they replaced a module. This did not fix...
  18. "Sound Screen" Label

    I am not sure if I should post this here, but here goes. I just noticed, on my windshield, near my VIN number is "SOUND SCREEN". Anybody know what this all about? I am assuming it is about noise reduction in the cab. Just wondering, that's all.
  19. Canada Adding Remote Door Opening Switches To My XLT Visor.

    Because I have 3 doors with door openers on them, I wanted to get that option on my XLT. I would have to go to a Lariat trim level (approx $4500.00) to get them was a little expensive. Thinking about adding that option myself. I would have to change out my visor and wire in the switches. Just...