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  1. Ford Power-Up software update NOT installing...

    Is the button your refer to as the manual update button labeled "Update Now"? I usually have that button and in this case, even after trying the above solution it still fails to install. Obviously I have different issue. I've had the downloaded update icon at the top for weeks. May need a...
  2. Advice Request: PB at airport parking for multiple days

    I'm considering replacing my 12v with a new Non-Ford battery. Any special steps you took swapping batteries on the Powerboost?
  3. 4.3.4 power update

    Honestly, never even tried. I guess that says it all.
  4. 4.3.4 power update

    I appreciate the help. I think I'm just not going to worry about it anymore.
  5. 4.3.4 power update

    My truck is a 2021 Powerboost. Lots of little issues with it but mosty solved now. Updates have been an issue from the start but I seem to be getting them now. Really just cared about the full screen Android Auto which I received. Like a lot of others lately, every time I start my truck I have...
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    If anyone has a spare moment, my VIN is 1FTFW1ED3MFA84022
  7. lane centering and lane drift

    Found this thread while trying to do some research on my own issues. Recently traded my 2015 FX4 for a 2021 Powerboost and I am pleased overall with the improvements. One of the reasons for the trade, beside the Pro Power, was the adaptive cruise and lane centering. Like a lot of people we...