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  1. Is It Possible To Disconnect Our Trucks From Network?

    Same solution as folks who were freaked out about GM’s OnStar worrying it was tracking them over a decade ago…just disconnect the radio/modem. You can always plug it back it before selling. Connected features won’t work, and you‘ll lose access to OTA updates and have to update via FDRS, but the...
  2. Highway MPG getting progressively worse

    It’s almost certainly the level and the tires, not your advancing mileage, assuming your tires aren‘t low on air and you have no obvious malfunctions. What tires did you pick? They may be performing different seasonally or at highway speeds.
  3. Bluetooth connection drops at certain locations

    Yes. It’s entirely normal. Bluetooth operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. The ISM bands are portions of the radio spectrum reserved internationally for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) purposes, not communications. The powerful emissions of these devices can create electromagnetic...
  4. Come crawling back. Need advice

    Personally, while I would have a hard time giving up the 4A transfer case, I would always rather pay for a *new* truck with a full warranty if the cost is going to be similar. Bells and whistles aren’t important enough for me.
  5. Ford Power-Up 6.2.0

    The UI may not give the explanation, but in case of Microsoft that KB # lets you find out more, and I’m sure Google and HP have release notes *somewhere* from experience. Ford doesn’t even bury the release notes on some support page somewhere, they just never give them, ever.
  6. Ford Power-Up 6.2.0

    Another update making small adjustments getting me ready for the bigger updates to come? Nice. I like to think of it as the update that opens the door for all the others to walk through. (Ford, seriously, y’all need to work on your release notes)
  7. 4.2.4 Sync crashes and audio issues

    Mine is way better but not resolved. So there’s a delay when the camera is requested by selecting reverse or with the camera button, and there’s still periodic slowness issues on startup with occasional freezes, but the frequency is much lower.
  8. How long do you plan on keeping your truck?

    My experience has been that the brand and make of a vehicle is less a predictor of longevity for a single vehicle (as opposed to a whole fleet) than the individual vehicle‘s number of repairs in the first few years. A vehicle that has a lot of early mechanical repairs is one I’m worried was...
  9. Oil pan/main seal leak

    Which engine?
  10. Ideas on how to clean the engine bay

    Personally, I just hit it with some compressed air and maybe a damp rag. If it doesn’t come off, or I can’t reach it, I leave it be. Years and years ago I used to wash my engines with thrnhose, but I gave up when A) stuff stopped leaking as much meaning that dust didn’t sludge up and B) the...
  11. 2024 F-150 Order Guide (Updated with JOB 2 Guide)

    Huh, so Lariat bumps to 5.0 standard, which means it’s no longer possible to get the 2.7 with 4A. I get the logic, especially as they previously deleted 500A and pushed Lariat up in price, but it’s kind of a shame how price-heavy the option of the 4A is getting and moving up a previously $995...
  12. Wiper Motor Recall (Update: Replacement Parts Are Finally In)

    NHTSA # 22V686 https://www.f150gen14.com/2022/11/02/recall-front-park-lamp-flicker-nhtsa-22v686/
  13. Advice Request: PB at airport parking for multiple days

    ~7 days is a non-issue unless you have some reason to believe you have a pre-existing battery issue. It’s not until you get to really long airport stays that you have to be proactive about it with all but the fussiest of vehicles. So long as you’ve got a decent drive to the airport, the vehicle...
  14. Windshield hairline crack

    Yes. Every windshield crack I’ve had started as a tiny nick from a rock or something else hard that wasn’t dealt with immediately. I have learned my lesson now and closely Inspect every time I have a rock strike. And with all this upright glass, I expect a lot on my F-150, based on the bug...
  15. Wiper Motor Recall (Update: Replacement Parts Are Finally In)

    Had mine replaced the other day as well, no issues. They also did the light recall.
  16. Strange Issue with AC

    Amen to that. Many years ago I had a 2002 Taurus that ended up having an intermittently bad camshaft position sensor. It worked fine most of the time, but if you really honked on the engine (all 155 horses), it would loudly misbehave. Took it to two different dealers before the third finally...
  17. Sync Screen Freeze On Startup

    I have this happen periodically, as well, only since my 4.2.4 audio and video glitches started. I don’t think it’s SoC related, as it happens even right after a lengthy drive when the system should be at its highest charge state. A master reset didn’t resolve it, but did resolve most of the...
  18. Repair Costs Are Out of Control: $5,600 Bill for Some Tail Lamps.

    Aside from the algorithm sweet spot noted above… Videos over a certain length (I think it’s 8 minutes right now) allow YouTubers to enable “mid-roll” ads in the middle of videos, making more ad money. There is a significant incentive to make longer videos.
  19. Priority Update today

    You’d think Ford would have sorted out this SoC issue by now. I could imagine few methods, ranging from being more realistic with the SoC actually required to just boosting the system SoC from the default of whatever ~80% to ~90% on the next long run once an update has downloaded, to ensure the...
  20. 4.2.4 Sync crashes and audio issues

    I will note that performing both these steps has mostly resolved the issue for weeks now. I’ve had a few freeze ups still, but no more issues with the backup cam.