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  1. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    I was a huge fan of the 6 speed Allison when I owned a 2015 HD but don’t have any experience with a Dodge nor the expertise to compare them. An external spin-on filter and the ability to handle serious torque, as well as always being in the right gear made me want to throw it out there.
  2. Oil level gauge questions

    Right on, Dale, not an exact science and there is a lot of grey area! I’m a “let it drain a while and fill up with what the spec says and never check the dipstick kind of guy” Cheers
  3. Oil level gauge questions

    Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and duck into the paint department. There you’ll find plastic containers marked in various different measurement levels, from quart sized to 2.5 quart sized. The mL markings are particularly useful. Every tenth of a quart is 94.6 mL. You can get things much more...
  4. Engine Cover Removal- 2023 F150 Power Boost

    There are 2 10mm nuts to remove (front of cover in each recessed area) and the rearward attachment points are hinged. Remove the nuts, pivot the cover upward, and gently pull towards you. A magnet will help fish the nuts out of the pockets in the cover. Or a needle nose pliers.
  5. Anybody else’s truck stuck in blue island Illinois?

    If your trucks in lock down IL or IA headed to Granger I’m taking bids for a side hussle I’ll put a finger on it pics included for a couple fiddys a truck I do great work check my eBay feedback 100% positive Also got phone cards for sale No scammers if this ads up it’s still for sale
  6. Motorcraft AGM battery any good?

    I feel like anyone with an H6 that hasn’t upped the SOC from the factory set 80% and has a truck with auto stop/start is going to have issues, especially if you regularly take short drives. I have never had a single battery related issue with my 22 XLT, but I’d take a wild ass guess that’s...
  7. Oil Analysis problems

    I like to think my time tinkering under the hood of anything I own with a motor would uncover an improperly seated air filter quicker than a motor oil sample taken, shipped, and hopefully analyzed correctly by a third party to indicate an abnormally high silicon content that tips me off to...
  8. Steering wheel off center

    10-4 my man, thanks for the clarification. This is on my to do list. I’m a stickler for a straight wheel and mine has bugged me for the last 25k. But no way will this be the first issue I see the dealer service department for. Didn’t know it was this easy. A past Toyota I owned and put a clock...
  9. Steering wheel off center

    @HammaMan after I read your first response more carefully I think you already answered that lol
  10. Steering wheel off center

    No kidding? I thought the shaft the steering wheel attaches to is hex and not splined……or is it and there’s just slop to tweak it a little?
  11. Iconic Silver OR Carbonized Grey XL?

    I also was choosing between the same colors when I pulled the trigger. I bought off the lot and grey was optioned more to my liking, so that’s what I got. I’m a die hard silver guy, but really happy with Carbonized Grey. It shows dirt more than silver for sure, but not as much as I thought it...
  12. Ford Fn Ranger-Who is this competing with?

    2 things: Some smart effers posting in this thread, thanks for the responses. I am a former brand loyal Toyota guy, traded a Taco for the F150, still follow the lineup closely, and you can have a Tundra for a couple grand more than the new Tacoma. Crazy. Like, WAY more truck for another...
  13. Hey from SC, here's my quick build intro: 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4

    Yeah that’s a very nice looking truck! Welcome
  14. About to purchase 23' PB Platinum with under 10K miles...

    There are a few members here with connections that can run the VIN for you and check its service history in greater detail versus Carfax. @rugedraw
  15. What is this Service Warning?

    If it’s running as normal and gas mileage is normal I’d keep on trucking and monitor in the days ahead. Is there a check engine light illuminated or did that go off after the initial hiccup?
  16. Stolen Vehicle Services

  17. What is this Service Warning?

    And how’s the truck running? Reset your trip meter and monitor the mileage for a while if you’re on a drive anyway and see if the MPG tanks. Without the actual codes it’s throwing I’d guess you have bad gas or a malfunction in a air/fuel mixture related sensor.
  18. What is this Service Warning?

    Is the engine symbol on the dash lit continuously or is it flashing? Did this appear shortly after getting gas?
  19. Broken Timing Chain 23 5.0

    I assume it was a secondary chain if you could still limp it along…..but then why the water pump replacement? I’m just an internet amateur that owns an eco boost but I hope your dealer tech is a good one and you get fixed up!