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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hey there, I upgraded my XLT mirrors to lariat folding mirrors. Half way thru install (1 mirror) I tested the forscan setting and it worked. I installed the other mirror but didn’t realize they were now out of sync. So I “reversed” one of them so they were sync’d again. However, neither the...
  2. Engine Block Heater Thermal Photos (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    One item I do wish the block heaters had was an idiot light/chime that informs you you’re about to rip an extension cord out of the wall. You know, for the wife.
  3. Engine Block Heater Thermal Photos (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    All this talk about the block heaters being used at -10f, -20f…. Wtf. That’s pretty rare for most, even in the coldest climates. I run the block heater on my wife’s explorer parked in the garage when it’s below 30f. Why? So the cabin warms up right away. And we don’t run the engine in the...
  4. Warming up a Powerboost

    Interesting. The heat seems to keep it running for a while when it’s sub-40. Either way, I feel like the electric to ICE threshold is far lower when it’s cold anyways. I assumed the battery is a little slower at low temps.
  5. Warming up a Powerboost

    Doesn’t running the heat command the engine on?
  6. Show me your tints 😎

    At 1000 miles yes. I’d look for some reviews of higher mileage. To be honest, I didn’t research too much. The price was right, ~$1000 for all 4 installed.
  7. Show me your tints 😎

    They’re called the rubitrek. It’s not an LT tire so they were about the same weight as the OE’s. Handle very well in the limited snow I’ve driven them in.
  8. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Your comments are incoherent Rick. And your sarcasm is lost on the world. You’re adding no value to this conversation.
  9. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Yes, that’s part of the “utility”. I’ll note for the previous poster - a maverick can not tow a 6k lb trailer.
  10. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    This is a disingenuous statement. A maverick is not in the same ballpark capability wise and you know it. It’s like saying, if you want a truck get a peterbuilt.
  11. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Assuming 20,000 miles per year at 22 mpg, that’s 909 gallons of fuel. Let’s imagine 87 octane remained $3.50/gallon. That’s $3181 per year in fuel. If this tuner gets you to 24 mpg, that’s a 9% improvement. A $262 annual savings. Return on investment is $880/$262 = 3.35 yrs. Not bad. This...
  12. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Fair. And I like driving fast as much as the next guy. Ive had my fast cars. But this is just a truck to me. From my perspective, it’s plenty fast out of the box - faster than most of my “fast cars” ever were. The reason I got the power boost was for efficiency and utility.
  13. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Isn’t the real return the price of the tuner + the add on? If you place more priority on efficiency versus performance, does this make sense verse other modifications?
  14. Started converting my 23 RCSB XL work truck interior

    I’ve had both the console shifter and column shifter with console. I like the extra storage of the column shifter. Can’t understand why ford doesn’t position the cup holders side to side instead of front to back (on the passenger side!). It would be nice if ford at least offered the center...
  15. Cummins fined $1 Billion, Ram recalls 1M trucks [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Design of the engine or the fuel? Diesel has a non trivial higher energy content; Motor gasoline 1 gallon = 120,214 Btu Diesel fuel 1 gallon = 137,381 Btu The design of a diesel is enabled by the fuel. You can’t run gasoline on compression ignition. Any idiot who’s ever put gas in a...
  16. Humming buzzing vibration sound on a 2023 2.7L ecoboost with about 300km’s

    This is a known (at least to the forum) issue with the IWE. I am unsure what the fix is. The 21+ IWE is not vacuum activated, rather electric. It is undoubtedly a cold weather issue. Typical dealer bullshit response. Really hope Ford steps it up here because it seems it’s been an issue since the...
  17. Cummins fined $1 Billion, Ram recalls 1M trucks [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    This reminds me of the (I think is Kansas maybe?) the battery plant being built that has a co-located coal power plant because it takes so much energy to produce the batteries. Lol.
  18. Powerboost or not

    Depends on how much you paid for it. In addition to the $1900 discount and $1500 incentive I walked out the door for $6k off sticker.
  19. Powerboost 2027?

    It’s not like we’re ever going to get Prius mileage out of an f150. It’s like comparing a matchbox to a tonka.
  20. Powerboost 2027?

    Seems like everybody is looking at this as some kind of technological limitation on battery capacity or something. All hybrid is doing is making an ICE vehicle more efficient by capturing wasted energy. The current limitations are not the battery. It’s the thermal efficiency of the engine and...