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  1. Installed tail light tint

    Any updates on the install? I’m leaning towards this kit.
  2. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    How do you like the Roush 2.0 setup with the tire combo? I’m literally doing this same combo but I’m wondering if the tire makes more of the difference. Trying to turn this boat back into a truck.
  3. Swapping headlights from reflector to projector LED headlights?

    Thanks for taking a crack at this, I was almost ready to try it myself. Keep us posted on your progress, and now that I have this info I’ll try and hunt down a possible adapter harness, but I think there’s some issues across the board with the modules, bypass, or relays… and because the 2021 has...
  4. Lag then Quick Acceleration from electric to gas?

    It’s dangerous, almost like it has boost lag but it’s not that. You could floor it and the time it takes to get a normal pedal reaction is the difference between being t-boned or making it safely around a blind corner and/or merging into traffic. I drive in normal to eco mode so I’d rather not...
  5. 2021 Ford Limited F-150 Hybrid Powerboost Whining issue

    Mine does it randomly, it’s almost like the speaker is somehow picking up feedback. Not sure if this is related, but the Nav screen randomly blacked out one night and made a crazy high pitch noise thought the speaker system and I had to pull over and turn the truck off for it to go away. Annoyed...