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  1. Automatic software upgrade.... Now, no more Signal/Blinker ticking sound?

    22 5.0 Lariat - lost my "turn signal ticking sound" when I turn on blinkers on last automatic software upgrade. Anyone else dealing with this?
  2. WHY does AC always turn on when I start my PU

    Cannot find the setting, if there is one, when I start my 2022 V8 CC lariat the AC automatically is on? Went thru the menu & cannot find how to turn off?
  3. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

  4. Recall waste of time - 22C22 + 22V686

    Spent 3 hours in the FORD dealer yesterday for the flickering light recall only to find out that the software was updated over the air via FORD without notifying me or the dealership? WTF?
  5. 22 lariat with 760 AH battery - BMS won't let it charge up past 12.2 volts NO MATTER the driving or Charging ?

    I have a powerport digital voltage reader inside the cockpit plugged into the 12V. powerport It gives me a continuous reading of what the alternator is putting out/state of charge of battery. I am dismayed that Ford will not allow the battery to remain at full charge no matter what it always...
  6. 22 Lariat with no Turn Blinker sound?

    Wonder WTH? Blinkers are working but no sound emanating inside to verify or remind that blinkers are on. This has come and gone for unknown reasons. Anyone else dealing with this? Thanks.
  7. Risk Management - Did you ever use your F150 Ford Extended warranty?

    22 F150 Lariat owner here doing risk management assessment of should I buy the Premium ESP or not? 5K annual mileage driver here use it as grocery getter daily driver only I am retired now. $1210 for 8 yr 60K $0 ded seems pretty reasonable for an additional 5 yrs of factory like coverage...
  8. Need to transport 450 lb MotorCycle - What will my tailgate weight hold?

    Need to carry a 450 lb 400cc motorcycle and was wondering if I can place it in the bed tied down with the powered tailgate down? Unable to find info on what weight the tailgate will hold? Thanks.
  9. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    New 22 F150 Lariat and 2 months into ownership. I plan to purchase the Premium plan as I have until the 36 months is up but seeing inflation I wonder how much "MORE" it will cost factoring inflation into it? Can anyone comment on previous prices and mitigating risk just buy it now managing my...
  10. 22 F150 - Wiper motor dead. Not on recall

    Luckily I live near my dealer when I discovered my wiper DOA after washing the truck. Lucky guy that I am Jumped into the truck and drove into service bay and they were able to take care of the then and there with my new F150 Lariat after running diagnosis on systems. Not on Recall list, just...