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  1. Towing an Airstream with Gen14, and ProPower 7.2

    #60 ddruker 4 Rivet Member 1999 27' Safari Palo Alto , California Join Date: Apr 2012 Posts: 280 Images: 1 I ordered parts today to convert my Airstream from having a single hard-wired cord and plug in the rear bumper to having two automatically switched stainless steel 30 AMP power...
  2. 5,000 miles towing with 2021 F-150 Platinum PowerBoost - review

    Wow, thanks for the info! That will be a big help in setting up our config for the kayaks.
  3. 5,000 miles towing with 2021 F-150 Platinum PowerBoost - review

    Great report on the truck, thank you. I do have a couple of quick questions, what battery do you have on your trailer, mostly interested in amp hour size. It will give me a comparison for how long ours might take to recharge. Another question, what rack are you using for your kayak's and how...
  4. Just finished up a 240 mile trip

    I was wondering if he means the option to turn Adaptive Cruise into Intelligent Adaptive Cruise. The Intelligent Adaptive Crusie is the one that reads the speed limits signs and adjust your speed to the speed limit +/- whatever limits you set or to the speed of the car in front of you if it is...
  5. Nav turn by turn in cluster erratic

    Mine does the same thing, let's hope someone figured out what setting turns that off.
  6. PowerBoost Oil Change Interval. Do you trust the oil life meter?

    There are people out there right now driving around who haven't changed their oil in over 50k miles! I have a step daughter whose clueless no matter what you tell her. Then she wonders why she had to have seals replaced at 104k and blames it on "big auto" screwing her over. You know the type...
  7. Have to save bye to my truck for a couple days for windshield recall. ?

    no windshield recall on mine. No recalls at all for that matter and my software was just updated today.
  8. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Ding, ding, ding... we have a winner! Thank you for diving into this. I like this approach. I have to travel for the next couple of weeks but when I get back I'm going to give this a shot!!!
  9. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Another good idea. I have a Bak Revolver X4s on order. Debating that choice, doubt it will give me an option like that. I'm even debating going to a bed cap instead of a tonneau cover now. It would be easy to implement. your suggestion on one of those.
  10. I lucked out!

    Actually if you reread the original post it is in there, Ron Norris Ford, Titusville, FL and the sales guy was Frank Saladino. Great folks, little family run shop with some genuine southern hospitality!
  11. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    So true, just trying to keep the kids with sticky fingers walking by while you're out hiking at your boondocks spot or in a Cabela's/Walmart parking lot from walking away with stuff.
  12. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Hmmm... some interesting ideas. Time to fiddle!
  13. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Hey guys! Quick question, looking at your trucks plugged into the campers, one thing strikes me is that you have to leave open either the tailgate or tonneau cover for access. I'm concerned about doing something like that if I'm overnighting in a Walmart parking lot without being able to lock...
  14. 2021 F-150 Lariat 502A, Level, Tires and Wheels

    I have to admit I'm in the camp with your Dad! I don't get the leveling craze but to each his own. When I was kid we all wanted to jack our rear ends up and add wide tires. Now they're leveling.... go figure! :D;) For me I want every inch I have in the rear for towing, no need to start...
  15. 2021 F-150 Payload Stickers

    Lariat, PB, 502a, Propower 7.2kW, Boards, work surface, Tow pkg, power tailgate. 1533 payload, 11.6k tow
  16. Should I cancel my order?

    FYI - my Lariat PB with 502a does not have the moon roof or spray in liner but does have power running boards, 7.2kW gen, interior work surface, and trailer tow pkg (not max) and power tailgate. Payload is 1533 and tow cap is 11k
  17. Star White Metallic PowerBoost Delivery from Granger Ford

    Mark, Albert was out when I tried reaching out to Granger. I dealt with Chip Giles (515) 999-8211. Nice guy, very helpful and came up with an excellent price. Dave
  18. Door Proximity sensors

    My 2019 Ram only had the proximity unlock on the front doors. While I don't prefer it you just learn to reach for the front door before going for the back door. Inconvenient? Yes! Something to waste time being annoyed at - nah.
  19. Door Proximity sensors

    Be sure you're not accidently resting a finger against the front lock button when you reach into the handle to touch the back.
  20. I lucked out!

    I was one day away from trading in my Ram and finalizing the order for my new PB when I got an email from Ford about my recent config/search on the website. Turns out the there was a truck at a dealership 60 miles away that had just come in that was almost a perfect match to my custom order!! I...