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  1. Winter tires/wheels - TPMS needed?

    There are full Ford Performance wheel kits out there. I purchased one from Levittown Ford in Long Island, NY. 4 factory 20"x8.5" w/ sensors for under $900. https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-1007k-s2085f15.html there are other packages available. If you Just want the TMPS Sensors...
  2. Advice Request: PB at airport parking for multiple days

    I too have traveled and left the truck for over a Month while in the late spring & fall. No issue, don't worry about. I am currently away from mine since Mid May and will not return until November. But this time I placed the 12V on a battery tender. I'm just worried about the battery behind...
  3. Star white metallic tri-coat Paint

    Chris, my installer is an XPEL dealer. I have been using them for years. I have full front on my Mustang, installed 6 years ago. I live in connecticut and travel to VT in the winters a lot. The self healing is very good. on XPEL’s website you can see what the kit pieces cost, that is...
  4. Star white metallic tri-coat Paint

    Have a 2021 with Star White, Paint corrected, PPF full front and ceramic coated.
  5. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    When someone gets a chance, My VIN is 1FTFW1ED8MFB90191 Thank you.
  6. Anyone run the Michelin X ice winter tires?

    LEVITTOWN FORD PARTS has some pretty good prices on Ford Performance Parts. I ordered these last year for my Winter Tires. https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-1007k-s2085f15.html
  7. Anyone run the Michelin X ice winter tires?

    I run the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 in the stock size 275/60 R20, I had these on my last F-150 also. the best snow tires I have used. MUCH better than an AT tire with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. https://www.bridgestonetire.com/tire/blizzak-dm-v2/275-60R20/ Nothing will...
  8. Anyone's fuel door fall off?

    Yes, this just happened to me. Truck 11 Months old.
  9. Cold start Powerboost noise

    I had the same thing, same sound in Vermont yesterday. Temp was a low of -8 and when I started the truck it was 15 deg. Sounded like a pump starving/grinding. Transmission was a little slow to switch gears. Once the truck was warm there was no issue. 2021 KR PowerBoost, 6.5' bed, FX4 with...
  10. Snow/Icy Driving setup tips?

    Travel back and forth from Connecticut to Vermont every weekend in the Winter. Have had both good all terrain tires with the "three peaks" on them and dedicated snow tires. I will never go back to not having the snow tires makes a huge difference. I currently use the Blizzak DM-V2s. on my...
  11. Paint Protection Film - Worth it?

    Full Front End - Hood and fenders
  12. Paint Protection Film - Worth it?

    Third vehicle done with Paint Protection. First was a 2011 GT500, with 3M. Second is a 2016 GT350 - Full front, Rockers, impact area in front and behind of rear wheels - also full Ceramic coated. Third Vehicle done 2021 King Ranch - Full Front End, Rockers, Front Grill (painted section)...
  13. Paint Issues - An Invitation to Share!

    It appears that the Space White (3 stage paint has a low tolerance badly prepared surfaces). has the problems, I would think with the extra cost for the paint this would be part of it. The Dealer should have at least picked up on it. My detailer picked it up when pain correcting and...
  14. Paint Issues - An Invitation to Share!

    Since it is a PowerBoost it was built in Dearborne. Kansas City doesn't build the Powerboost. . What pissed me off more, Was that the delivering dealer didn’t catch it either.
  15. Paint Issues - An Invitation to Share!

    2021 F-150 King Ranch FX4 PowerBoost Star White, built in mid July, delivered on 04 August. Courtesy delivery, the dealer that did the delivery and PDI didn’t notice this issue on the roof. had the truck full front Xpel and ceramic coated. the installer noticed this issue - chipping and...