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  1. Buyer's remorse

    Did you order your truck or get it off the lot? What trim package did you get?
  2. Gas mileage computations are NOT accurate

    5 or 6% off is not bad at all, I've had vehicles that were over 15% off of actual hand calculated mileage.
  3. F-150 Clean-Up Scheduling This Week (5/11/23) for Production Weeks 5/29 & 6/5

    Mine says it's been in production since the 11th, but haven't seen any updates.
  4. Ford Performance Whipple?

    I can do the install, I've been building cars for a very long time, I've done a few ZL1 Supercharger swaps on 5.3 LS engines and swapped a Hellcat drive train into an 09 1/2 Ton Dodge truck. Like I said in my first post I got my warranty voided on a 5th Gen Camaro and it cost me a lot of money...
  5. Ford Performance Whipple?

    I've been hotrodding and street racing for over 30 years. I normally build my cars myself, been an LS guy and racer since around 2002, before that it was all . My F-150 will be my first Ford in a long time and I don't have any experience modding 32v Fords. I'm thinking about getting the Whipple...
  6. Big news: OBDII Flash Tuning Now Available For 2021-2022 F-150 EcoBoost (3.5L & 2.7L) and 5.0L -- by HP Tuners

    I'm fairly new to the Ford game, but I started using HP tuners for the LS Platform around 04/05, I've only used it to tune the LS platform so I don't know what can be done with cam timing/phasing and things like that on the Coyote engines. I ordered my 23 F-150 due to GM not offering a RCSB...
  7. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    2023 101a 122" XL 4X4 5.0L Ordered 4-7, Scheduled for production 4-13, was scheduled for 5/8, changed to 5/11, been in production for 3 days now, window sticker popped up today.