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  1. Screen Gremlins

    I have a weird issue with my Sync screen. When coming to a stop the rear camera turned on. This happened twice so far. I'll get a beep and a view from the rear camera. The screen has also froze on me twice with a nasty noise coming from the speakers. The only way to stop it is to restart the...
  2. No Belly Pan

    Went to change the oil on my new 23 FX4 3.5L. When I went underneath, I noticed there was no belly pan. Did Ford do away with it in 23 or is mine missing?
  3. Airing Down

    Putting 275/60r20 KO2's on my new FX4. How low can I run the pressure on these tires when I'm running on the beach. This is the first time I'm running 20's. Usually my beach vehicles are 17's or 18's.
  4. New Jersey 2020 Raptor Tires and Wheels

    These wheels and tires were taken off my 2020 Raptor with 200 miles on them. They were stored in my heated garage and are in excellent condition. $1750 TPMS are included. Pick up only.
  5. She Came in Early

    Picked up my new Lariat yesterday. Traded in a 2020 Raptor and got a decent price on the trade. Needed the trailering capability. Already put my tool box/rod rack, wheel well liners, black lug nuts. Tried to put in bed divider, but the holes weren't threaded. Have to pick up some nuts and...